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Breathable Oxygen Found In Another Galaxy For The First Time

Oxygen is extremely important because without it, we would be dead. This is also extremely important when we are looking at potential space travel and maybe finding new planets to inhabit. Now it looks like maybe in the very, very distant future, should we ever find ourselves traveling to another galaxy, there is a chance we might survive there too.

This is because for the first time ever, astronomers have spotted molecular oxygen (which is the version of the gas that we breathe in) in another galaxy outside of the Milky Way. Dubbed the Markarian 231, this galaxy is located a staggering 581 million light years away from the Milky Way, where astronomers used a IRAM 30-meter telescope in Spain and the NOEMA interferometer in France which allowed them to spot the molecular oxygen.

While it seems unlikely that we will be traveling to Markarian 231 anytime soon, the discovery

Wait, Is That Backpack … Floating?

That’s all fine and everything until the human loses contact with the ground. At that point, there are only two forces on the human—the downward gravitational force and the downward spring force from the pack. That yields a downward acceleration greater than what it would be from gravity alone. At the same time, the pack is still being pushed up by the spring force. These two things together cause a vertical separation between the pack and the human.

OK, just to make sure everything sinks in, how about a quick homework question? What would happen if you used a backpack with a very low mass? Would this change the separation distance between the human and the pack? (You can use the code above to find the answer.)

How to Beat the Bounce

When we started you probably thought, “OK, the HoverGlide has a springlike shock absorber built into it—end of

‘Friends’ reunion special coming to HBO Max — officially

They’ll be there for you, like they’ve been there before.

HBO Max announced today that the cast of Friends will reunite for an untitled unscripted special, to debut on the streaming service when it launches in May 2020. Also available on that date will be all 236 episodes of the original series, which left Netflix at the end of 2019.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer are all set to show for the special. Such star power won’t come cheap — Variety reports the actors will be paid “at least US$2.5 million apiece.”

Filming will take place on Stage 24 of the Warner Bros. Studio lot, which is the original soundstage for the show. Ben Winston will direct the special, which again is a reunion talk between the actors, not a new episode with the characters.

Quipped Kevin Reilly, chief content officer

Coronavirus email hoax led to violent protests in Ukraine

An email that appeared to come from Ukraine’s ministry of health containing false information about coronavirus cases in the country led to a number of violent protests and standoffs with police, reports BuzzFeed News.

The email originated from outside Ukraine, according to a government statement, and it falsely claimed there were five cases of coronavirus in the country. In reality, there have been zero reported cases of the virus in Ukraine. But the email was sent the same day evacuees from China landed in the country, and some Ukranian residents protested the evacuees’ arrival by blocking roads that led to medical facilities and, in some cases, by smashing the windows of the buses carrying those evacuees.

To try and calm citizens, Ukraine’s Center for Public Health released a statement saying reports of five cases of coronavirus were