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    That is the era of globalization where modernization in each sector is crucial resulting from societal changes and the continual demand for a quality life. 1:48Skip to 1 minute and 48 seconds So four relations between people and technologies in the work of Don Ihde that help us to grasp what applied sciences do to humans. For those who take a more in-depth look at them, you see technology moving ever further away from the human, as it had been, from being embodied, to being read, to being interacted with, to being the context of our expertise. At the extremes of these four is definitely more. Contemporary applied sciences problem the framework of Don Ihde, you can say. More intimate than embodied know-how, as an example, is a technology with which we bodily merge, like a prosthetic leg, for instance. Especially the advanced ones that additionally gives you sensations. california