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    Biotechnology has been practiced for thousands of years. Biotechnology had already been carried out long before the term itself was coined, though on a really basic degree. For instance, man had already learnt the strategy of fermenting fruit juices to concoct alcoholic beverages during the interval around 6000 BC. Nonetheless, it was considered extra of an artwork then. could you be addicted to technology Biotechnology became a real science solely about 20 years ago when genes had been discovered to include information that might allow the synthesis of particular proteins. This was in the Nineteen Seventies, when new advances within the discipline of molecular biology enabled scientists to easily switch DNA – the chemical constructing blocks that specify the characteristics of dwelling organisms – between more distantly related organisms.

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  • This 3D Printer Lets Preschoolers 3D Print Their Own Toys

    If 3D printing has always come across as being more of an “adult” hobby, think again because the folks at 3Doodler have recently announced the launch of a new 3D printer that is being aimed at preschoolers. This will allow kids to 3D print their own little toys in a fun and safer way, while encouraging the development of motor skills.

    Dubbed the 3D Build and Play, this is a small-ish gun-shaped device that comes with a nozzle, a trigger, and a turning handle. The device heats up the plastic (which is both non-toxic and biodegradable) when the user cranks on the handle, which in turn lets kids create all manner of objects, although there will be molds that will let kids create toys and shapes that have already been designed.

    The characters created by the 3D printer can also take part in various stories to help make the experience

  • Bezos’ Earth Fund Should Invest in These Green Technologies

    On Monday, Amazon CEO and world’s richest human Jeff Bezos announced he was pledging nearly 8 percent of his net worth to fight climate change. This money, known as the Bezos Earth Fund, will be used to support “any effort that offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world,” Bezos wrote in an Instagram post. There are plenty of problems with a billionaire single-handedly dictating how the world community will fight climate change. But it’s also true that there are a host of promising climate technologies that lack the resources to scale fast enough to be effective in meeting the UN’s climate goals. Bezos didn’t specify how he would allocate the Earth Fund’s resources, but if you’re reading this, Jeff, we’ve got some ideas.

    Space-Based Solar Power

    Right now there are 173,000 trillion watts of solar energy bathing the Earth. If we were to

  • Microsoft To Bring Its Antivirus App To iOS And Android Devices

    On the mobile front, Microsoft hasn’t done quite as well as the competition. Instead, the company has opted to try and take on the mobile industry through software, where they have released apps for both iOS and Android devices. Now it looks like Microsoft will be expanding on that with its antivirus software.

    The company had previously released its Defender antivirus app for Mac computers last year, and now they have announced that they will be bringing it onto mobile devices for both iOS and Android smartphones.

    According to Microsoft, “Providing comprehensive protection across multiple platforms through a single solution and streamlined view is more important than ever. Next week at the RSA Conference, we’ll provide a preview of our investments in mobile threat defense with the work we’re doing to bring our solutions to Android and iOS.”

    The company will be sharing more details about the app next week,

  • Quibi shares some clues about how its app might work

    Quibi’s apps are now available for preorder on the App Store and Play Store, and they give a look at how the mobile streaming app might actually work when it launches on April 6th (via TechCrunch).

    Based on the renders in the listings, Quibi seems like it looks and feels like, well, a streaming video app. You can check out all of the available renders in the gallery below:

    Quibi tells The Verge that the screenshots in the listings were also shown at CES in January, but declined to say if the renders are what the final app will look like. But there are a few interesting details in them that are worth observing.

    When browsing content in the app, it looks like there will be four tabs on the bottom bar, labeled “For You,” “Browse,” “Following,” and “Downloads.” “For You” promotes shows using big

  • How To Get A Biotech Job

    The Division of Science and Technology, Government of India serves as the nodal company for all authorities led initiatives that create and strengthen the science and know-how landscape in our country. Early Man , eagerly reaching in the direction of the warmth of the fire, would not have identified that it would burn him. Widespread sense tells us that it must have taken a few extra folks to grasp the connection between fireplace and demise. Another few years passed earlier than they realised that by placing lifeless animals on the hearth, they might make the meat extra tasty, and fewer prone to poison themselves. The first cook dinner either had a leap of intelligence or out of sheer luck he found the first step in the direction of bettering human life.

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