• Cactus ‘Leather’ Could Save The Lives Of Billions Of Animals

    Leather is typically viewed as a “premium” material where we usually see it used in high-end fashion like wallets and handbags. It has also been used to make accessories for phones, cars, and so on. However, while it does have a nice feel to it, the dark side to leather is that it typically involves the killing and skinning of animals.

    The good news is that in the future, that may not necessarily have to be the case because thanks to Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, they have founded a company called Adriano Di Marti in which they process the cactus plant to create a new material that is said to be almost identical in terms of feel to actual leather.

    This is good for the environment because not only does it help reduce the number of animals that are killed for the sake of fashion, but because cacti

  • [email protected] Is Over. But the Search for Alien Life Continues

    Over the last 20 years, the army of [email protected] screensavers has parsed billions of signals collected at Arecibo and selected those that seemed the most likely to have been generated by an extraterrestrial intelligence. Once the program parsed this data, it was shipped off to Berkeley where the data was further processed to filter out signals from satellites, TV stations, and other sources of interference, to match the data with historical observations, and then to determine if a followup was warranted.

    In the early days of the [email protected] program, the internet connection at Arecibo wasn’t fast enough to push out data onto the internet directly, so the [email protected] team had to record the data on 35 gigabyte tapes that were mailed to Berkeley and then uploaded to the internet. Today, the data is piped over the internet to [email protected]’s servers in California, which are equipped with terabytes of storage to

  • Multiplayer For Mario Kart Tour Will Be Launching March 8

    One of the appealing aspects of Nintendo’s Mario Kart series is the ability to play against your friends and other people around the world. Unfortunately, multiplayer was one the features that was missing when Nintendo launched Mario Kart Tour, which for those unfamiliar is the mobile version of the game.

    Well, the good news is that if multiplayer is something you think that the mobile game is lacking, you’ll be pleased to learn that Nintendo has since announced that they will launching an update for the game this coming March which will finally bring multiplayer to Mario Kart Tour. The date has been set for the 8th of March, 2020 at 8PM PT.

    Previously, gamers of Mario Kart Tour had to play against AI that used names that made it seem like they were real players. While it is still a fun game even with AI, playing with real life

  • Amazon confirms Seattle employee is in quarantine with coronavirus

    An Amazon employee in Seattle has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, as first reported by The New York Times. “We’re supporting the affected employee who is in quarantine,” the company tells The Verge in a statement.

    The employee is based out of the company’s “Brazil” (SEA53) building, according to an internal memo sent out to Amazon employees and obtained by The Verge. They went home feeling unwell on Tuesday, February 25th and haven’t returned to Amazon premises since. Amazon has notified employees who have been in close contact with the person.

    Earlier this week Amazon confirmed that two of its employees in Italy had contracted the virus and were in quarantine. The company had already requested that its nearly 800,000 employees halt non-essential travel within the US and elsewhere. Amazon has also had to deal with price gouging and misinformation