• Google Location Data Led Police To The Wrong Suspect

    The problem with a lot of services these days is that they tend to collect data on you. Most of the time, these companies claim that the data has been anonymized, meaning that any information that could trace the data back to you has been stripped, leaving only the contents, which for the most part the companies claim that they use it to improve on their services.

    However, it seems that we are now getting a good example of what happens when that data is wrong. According to a report from NBC News, a Florida resident by the name of Zachary McCoy was wrongly suspected of a crime he did not commit, simply because of his Google location data that put him near the scene of the crime.

    Police were seeking geofenced data on an area in a bid to get leads on a 2019 burglary. McCoy was wrongly suspected

  • Two Physicists Bet Over a Quantum Computing Moon Shot

    In February, two physicists made a bet on Twitter. Jonathan Dowling, a professor at Louisiana State University, and John Preskill of Caltech wagered a pizza and a beer over whether 10 years from now, someone will have finally invented a machine of longtime physics fantasy: the so-called topological quantum computer.

    Preskill bet yes; Dowling bet no. “Preskill immediately liked the idea of the bet,” says Dowling, who initiated it. “He and I have been going at it, back and forth, on this topic for some time.”

    To document the agreement, Dowling typed up the terms in PowerPoint on a clip art parchment backdrop. The specific terms of the bet are laid out in a blurry image inside a tweet on the two physicists’ feeds. (“I blame the pixelation on Preskill,” says Dowling. “He resaved it as a PDF.”) They will settle the bet on March 1, 2030, at midnight, Coordinated

  • iPhone Sales In China Have Dropped By More Than 50%

    The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc around the world where it has not only infected thousands, it has also killed quite a number of people who were infected as well. However, it also has huge implications for businesses, where many are suffering as a result of the virus, such as airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, and so on.

    Even electronics companies such as Apple are feeling the heat, where according to a recent report from the South China Morning Post, it has been revealed that Apple’s iPhone sales in China have slumped rather dramatically by more than 50%. According to the figures, Apple only managed to ship close to 500,000 units in February 2020.

    This is less than half of what the company shipped back in January 2019 where it was at an estimated 1.27 million units. It has been suggested that the slump could be attributed to the coronavirus

  • Latest iOS 14 leaks include new fitness app, expanded Pencil support, and more

    Yesterday 9to5Mac posted details of several new features it found in supposed unreleased iOS 14 code, and now MacRumors is adding to the deluge of leaks in a series of posts. It’s not clear that every one of these features pertains to iOS 14 specifically, but they do all sound like the sort of thing that could accompany a major software upgrade from Apple.

    First up is a new fitness app codenamed “Seymour” and possibly to be called Fit or Fitness in its shipping form. It’s said to be a standalone app targeting iOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, rather than a replacement for the current Activity app. The new app reportedly lets you download fitness videos with different workouts and activities that you can perform as the Apple Watch tracks your session, potentially expanding the types of exercise that the Watch is able to be used for.