• Apple’s WWDC 2020 Will Be Adopting A New Online Format

    So it was previously reported that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Apple could be considering cancelling its annual WWDC event. It turns out that the company has done that, sort of, where instead of hosting a physical event like they always do, they will instead be launching a new online format.

    According to Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, “The current health situation has required that we create a new WWDC 2020 format that delivers a full program with an online keynote and sessions, offering a great learning experience for our entire developer community, all around the world. We will be sharing all of the details in the weeks ahead.”

    WWDC’s keynote has always been available both online and in-person, although the workshops that developers attend have pretty much been physical-only. However, with this new online format, Apple is hoping to offer up what they normally

  • Space Photos of the Week: Pretty Planets, Gorgeous Galaxies

    The news is stressful but space is not, so this week we are going to cruise through the void to get some much needed perspective and beauty. We will begin at our smaller terrestrial neighbor, Mars and gaze upon some surprisingly beautiful terrain. Then we will stop by Jupiter, one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system, before heading to iconic Saturn. Then it’s out into deep space. HI Andromeda! On a clear night you can sometimes spot this galaxy with the naked eye, though a telescope does help. Our Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda are gravitationally attracted to each other, and as a result, they will eventually collide and begin to merge into one new object. This hug of destruction won’t happen for 4.5 billion years, though, which is just shy of when our sun is due to turn into a red dwarf. Take a break from

  • Sure looks like Robert Downey Jr. gave us a sneak peek at the OnePlus 8 Pro

    Leave it to Robert Downey Jr. to leak a smartphone: The highly anticipated OnePlus 8 Pro, to be exact.

    As first spotted by 9to5Google, a photo of the actor holding what appears to be the flagship phone was posted to Instagram. It hasn’t been confirmed that it’s the 8 Pro, though Downey Jr. just happens to be a brand ambassador for OnePlus.

    The photo, which was originally uploaded to a photographer’s Instagram account, has since been taken down.

    Just wavin’ that phone around like it’s nothing.

    See that little cutout? Right by the camera?

    See that little cutout? Right by the camera?

    A Robert Downey Jr. fanpage account reposted the photo onto its own account, along with a cropped image that gives us a closer look at the phone — which appears to have a quad camera setup on the back.

    There are also color versions of the photo floating around, in which the 8 Pro is

  • Apple puts restrictions on coronavirus-themed apps in its App Store

    In an effort to ensure the “credibility” of health and safety information in its App Store, Apple is tightening requirements for all coronavirus-focused apps, TechCrunch reports. The company posted a note on its developer blog Saturday that outlines the review process for apps related to the virus.

    “We’re evaluating apps critically to ensure data sources are reputable and that developers presenting these apps are from recognized entities such as government organizations, health-focused NGOs, companies deeply credentialed in health issues, and medical or educational institutions,” the post states. “Only developers from one of these recognized entities should submit an app related to COVID-19.”

    Apple also is banning entertainment apps and games that are COVID-19 or coronavirus-themed, the post states.

    Developers should choose the “time-sensitive event” option when submitting a permissible COVID-19 related app to the App Store to expedite the process, since many are focused on alleviating crisis situations. Membership

  • Biotechnology Thrives In India

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