• Popcorn Time Is Back, Just In Time For The Coronavirus

    Now with more people working and studying from home as social distancing measures are being implemented, it means that people need to find new ways to keep themselves entertained. Interestingly and coincidentally enough, it looks like the coronavirus outbreak has brought back to life what has been hailed as the Netflix of piracy – Popcorn Time.

    For those unfamiliar, Popcorn Time is an online streaming service in which users can stream movies using torrents as opposed to having to download them. This is obviously and very clearly illegal, and we can’t imagine that its revival is anything but coincidental, especially with some users now potentially being out of work and might not be able to afford the luxury of subscribing to legitimate streaming services.

    The service originally launched back in 2014 and given its simplicity, it was quickly targeted by the movie industry for a shutdown. Popcorn Time did come

  • Moving Your Class Online? Tips for Keeping Students Engaged

    So, yes. You can do this.

    Will it be as good as a real, in-person class?

    Honestly, I’m not sure. My first answer is no, but maybe I just haven’t found the key yet. It seems clear that you can have small group meetings online. I do that now with my colleagues. I still prefer meeting face to face, but everyone is all over the place, so that’s not feasible.

    But look. If you’re just “presenting” information and ideas to students, then why not just put it in a video? You wouldn’t have to repeat your lectures every semester; you could just record them once and be done with it. Oh, even better, we’d only need one teacher for all students, someone who can make the one video to rule them all and in the darkness of knowledge bind them.

    So maybe this is a good time to rethink how

  • Motorola One Zoom Camera Review

    168Image Quality scoreUBER-G SCOREScoring/ranking system nameIQImage-Quality based scoring systemCAMERAMobile PremiumCategory based on price2019-09Device launch dateMotorola One ZoomDevice brand and name

    Key Camera Specifications

    • Rear Camera System (3 cameras + ToF sensor)
      • Ultrawide: ~13mm 16-MP f/2.2 ultrawide
      • Primary: ~23mm 48-MP f/1.7 wide (Primary) +OIS
      • Zoom: ~70mm 8-MP f/2.4 telephoto +OIS

    The Motorola Zoom One (~$450 at the time of publishing) has a strong features line-up for its price point, with three cameras that provide hardware support for all common scenarios we’re testing for.

    In a rapidly changing camera market, the technical specifications may be challenged by other competitors, but in September 2019 it was very decent when this phone was launched.

    Note that this camera system’s software does not always use the native resolution of the camera, but proposes either 12MP or 8MP for all cameras.

  • Tesla told to shut down California factory to help fight the coronavirus

    Tesla is not exempt from the San Francisco Bay Area’s new coronavirus shelter-in-place order, and should suspend normal operations at its Fremont, California factory for three weeks, according to county officials and the local sheriff’s office. This comes after Tesla kept its factory open and running today, the first day that the new order was in place.

    The shelter-in-place order was announced yesterday by the leaders of six counties in the Bay Area as part of a collective effort to slow the spread of the virus. Citizens were asked not to leave their homes except for “essential activities” like buying food, and “nonessential businesses” were ordered to shut down.

    Tesla’s human resources head Valerie Workman reportedly told employees in an email that she believed Tesla would be considered an “essential business” and therefore would be exempt from the order to close. Tesla’s automotive manufacturing businesses did not appear