• Dolphins And Swans Are Returning To Venice’s Canals Following Coronavirus Lockdown

    Italy is currently in lockdown where residents are told to stay at home. This is due to the coronavirus outbreak in which social distancing seems to be the only way to keep the outbreak under control without putting too much strain on an already-taxed healthcare system.

    While the virus has been wreaking havoc on humanity, mother nature on the other hand appears to be flourishing. Due to Italy being on lockdown, it means that the canals of Venice, which would have otherwise been populated with locals and tourists on gondolas, are now empty. As a result, the waters are looking clearer (due to the sediment not being stirred up by gondolas), and swans and even dolphins are starting to appear in the city’s waters.

  • The Navy Deploys Two Hospital Ships as the Coronavirus Spreads

    As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, the US Navy is sending its two hospital ships into action. The USNS Comfort, stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, will head for New York City, President Trump said in a Wednesday morning press conference. The USNS Mercy, at home in San Diego, will make its way to a to-be-determined city on the West Coast. Both started life as oil tankers before the Navy turned them into floating hospitals in the 1980s, and now each offers space for 1,000 patients and a crew of nearly 1,300 (a mix of Navy personnel and civilian doctors and nurses.)

    Don’t expect the ships, painted white and marked with red crosses, to appear offshore and start taking on Covid-19 cases. For one thing, both are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance that the Navy is now expediting. The Navy didn’t provide timing for the Mercy, but a

  • China has reported zero new infected cases, the first time since the outbreak

    The COVID-19 might seem like it’s never going to pass. Week after week, all we’re getting are grim news of new deaths or increase in the number of infected.

    So let’s look on the brighter side of things. Mainland China has reported zero domestic cases!

    The first time since the virus outbreak which happened in December 2019 – although it was suspected to happen as early as November 2019.

    On March 18, the National Health Commission said it’s the first time Hubei province reported zero cases and the 34 new infections are from overseas visitors.

    The number of deaths has also decreased drastically, from peeking to 150 deaths in February 2020, to 8 reported deaths since yesterday, bringing the total to 3,245.

    IMAGE: ABC News

    In China, the total number of infected are now at 80,928 but a total of 70,420 patients have recovered as of writing.

    In other

  • The new iPad Pro’s LIDAR scanner can turn a living room into an AR game of Hot Lava

    The new iPad Pro’s LIDAR scanner can turn a living room into an augmented reality version of Hot Lava, a video game based on the childhood pastime where you jump on furniture to avoid imaginary lava on the floor. The announcement was included as part of today’s iPad Pro announcement.

    Hot Lava is available on Steam, but its mobile version is currently an Apple Arcade exclusive. According to Apple, “The LiDAR Scanner on the new iPad Pro will enable Hot Lava’s new AR mode, available later this year.”

    The game is a clever way to show off the capabilities of the LIDAR scanner. A player scans a living room with an iPad, and the app generates hot lava on the floor and platforms for the game’s character to jump on in AR. Here’s a GIF of the app in action:


    Alongside the AR version of Hot Lava

  • The Significance Of Know-how In Communication

    This is the era of globalization the place modernization in every sector is essential on account of societal modifications and the continual demand for a high quality life. The school who advise, teach and serve as analysis mentors for the biotechnology program are unfold among a number of tutorial departments in the School of Agriculture, Food Methods, and Natural Resources, the College of Science and Arithmetic and the College of Well being Professions. The departments embrace plant sciences; organic sciences, biology, chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology; animal and vary sciences; plant pathology; veterinary and microbiological sciences; and pharmaceutical sciences. Several scientists on the North Dakota State College Heart for Nanoscale Science and Engineering and at the on-campus USDA facilities also function analysis mentors.

    Medical and IT leaders need to contemplate the human impression of technology in their approaches to deciding on and implementing technology. This contains taking a look at …