• Adobe Is Giving Everyone Free Two Months Of Creative Cloud

    With more people starting to work and study from home, it means that cloud services have become more important than ever as it allows for students and workers to work together remotely and sync their files together, as well as being able to access it from anywhere, like their home computers.

    Adobe’s Creative Cloud is one of those services, and it looks like the company is now giving all of its subscribers a free two months. It will require that users have a Creative Cloud account and subscription to begin with, so basically you will be extending your subscription by an extra two months for free.

    However, for some reason, Adobe has not really shown how to claim this feature. Instead, the company seems to have hidden the offer and you will need to go through some steps to claim it. First of all, you’ll need to log into your

  • An Expert Answers the 50 Most Googled Coronavirus Questions

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to whip around the world, killing thousands of people and overloading hospitals, you’ve probably turned to Google to answer your questions.

    But you can’t trust everything you find on the internet, so we got Dr. Seema Yasmin, director of the Stanford Health Communication Initiative, to answer the week’s 50 most Googled coronavirus questions. She walks us through where this novel coronavirus came from, and why it’s called “novel” and a “coronavirus.” Also, don’t expect it to go away over the summer, like a seasonal flu might.

    More bad news: It’s dangerous because it causes respiratory infections, particularly in the elderly for those with previous similar conditions. “It’s also dangerous because this is the first time humans have been exposed to this virus, and it means we have no preexisting immunity to it,” Yasmin says.

    Read all of our coronavirus coverage here.

    A trickier question:

  • Drones are being used in this country to yell at people to say indoors during COVID-19 pandemic

    Some people seem to be quite relaxed amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

    So relaxed, that they are freely walking about, going about their day as usual.

    If you’re reading this, I hope you’re not one of them and are reading this in the comfort of your own home.

    If you are, good on you for doing the right thing. But the same can’t be said for some people in Spain.

    IMAGE: NBC News

    How are the cops combating this? They are using drones to shout at people to go home.

    Spain has entered into a state of emergency on Friday, March 13. Ordering its citizens to stay at home except for emergency trips like stocking up on supplies. But of course, people are taking advantage of it.

    BBC world managed to capture footage of police officers using drones attached with loudspeakers to yell citizens who are outside to go home.

  • Google’s coronavirus website finally launches alongside enhanced search results

    One week ago, President Donald Trump held a press conference wherein he claimed Google would be building a screening website for the coronavirus that would direct people to testing sites. As we learned in the following days, that wasn’t true. Google’s sister company Verily did launch such a site, but only for the Bay Area and reportedly it only offered tests to a very small number of people. Google, however, did say it would launch some sort of website and after a small delay, it’s here.

    Alongside the website and potentially more importantly, Google will start providing more enhanced information cards for people who search for terms related to the coronavirus. There will be information tabs for symptoms, prevention, global statics, and locally relevant information. It will look a bit like this:


    The website is at google.com/covid19. It does have useful resources, including a card that