• The Rise Of Technology

    Several lifetime’s in the past I led the implementation of a few electronic health records. During challenge implementation, the principle stakeholders of the undertaking are the Ministry of Metropolis Planning, Water Supply and Higher Schooling, University Grants Commission, Ministry of Science Technology and Research, Ministry of Growth Methods and International Commerce, Board of Investments, universities (primarily College of Kelaniya, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka and College of Sri Jayewardenepura), private training providers, personal and public sector employers, university college students and their mother and father. Communities adjacent to the proposed schools may also benefit from the brand new business that will probably be generated from the coed inflow.

    The primary stakeholders of the challenge are the Ministry of Greater Education and Highways, University Grants Commission, Ministry of Science Expertise and Analysis, Ministry of Development Methods and Worldwide Trade, Board of Investments, universities, non-public education suppliers, …

  • Facebook Messenger Redesign Simplifies The App

    Over the years, apps get updated with new features and UI changes and improvements. However, this isn’t always necessarily for the better because what was once a simple app can eventually get too bloated for its intended purpose. Thankfully, Facebook is looking to trim the fat on its Messenger app.

    The app, designed to help users communicate with each other, will be undergoing a slight redesign in which Facebook will be removing and demoting certain features of it to help simplify the overall user experience. One of those changes is the removal of the Discover tab, while other features like Instant Games and Transportation have been removed from the chat composer’s utility tray. While chat bots are still part of Messenger, they have been hidden.

    Facebook did not mention why exactly they were making the changes they are making, but it has been speculated that this could be done to

  • Space Photos of the Week: Venus Is the Spacecraft-Killer

    It’s a star! It’s a UFO! Nope it’s probably Venus. If you’ve ever gone outside for a late walk and spotted a big gorgeous bright “star” in the sky, it’s likely that you were looking at Venus. The planet is named after the Roman goddess of love, and NASA is giving Venus a little extra love right now: It’s in the process of evaluating two possible missions to the planet, and both of them have the potential to reshape our understanding of how terrestrial planets form, Venus in particular. Venus is covered in a thick atmosphere primarily composed of carbon dioxide gas created in part by a runaway greenhouse gas effect. Hidden below this cloud cover is the most volcanic planet in the solar system.

    The two proposed Venus missions are each very different and each would accomplish something unique. The first is VERITAS or (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR,

  • Oh my god, just wash your hands

    Please wash your damn hands. 

    It’s 2020 and yes, full grown adults still need to hear it. 

    Health officials in Washington confirmed the first death from the new coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, on Saturday. The virus is highly contagious, and as of Saturday, has infected 85,641 people worldwide and is responsible for 2,933 deaths. Symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

    As panic around the virus rises, preventative supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer are becoming increasingly difficult to buy. They’re out of stock in most drugstores and big box stores like Walmart and Target. On Amazon, brands like Purell and Germ-X are only available through third party sellers at high mark-ups. Frustrated shoppers on social media warned others of the hand sanitizer shortage, crowdsourcing lists of stores that still had an inventory. 

    But hand sanitizer and face masks can only do so much compared to just washing your

  • First U.S. coronavirus death confirmed in Washington state

    A person in Washington state died after contracting the novel coronavirus, health authorities announced on Saturday. It is the first death attributed to the virus in the U.S. Officials also announced two new cases in Washington state linked to a long-term care facility, including the first confirmed case in a healthcare worker in the United States.

    “We are dealing with an emergency evolving situation,” Amy Reynolds, of the Washington state health department, told the Associated Press. A spokesperson for EvergreenHealth Medical Center in King County, Washington confirmed to the AP that the patient died there. The patient who died was a man in his 50s with chronic underlying health conditions, Jeff Duchin, a health officer for Public Health, Seattle & King County said during a press conference today. It is not yet known how or when he contracted the virus.

    The other two cases announced today were both

  • The Human Race And Synthetic Intelligence

    Innovation is essential to fulfil the potential of industrial biotechnology for sustainable manufacturing of fuels, chemicals, materials, meals and feed. A typical biotech listing may serve as a gateway to various biotechnology sources concerning research and development in the area in addition to companies dealing within the space. Some directories serve as yellow pages of the companies selling biologically engineered products or extend sure providers on the related field. Apart from, these type of directories normally also have a bit dedicated to related information, biotech press releases, interactive boards and even blogs or informative articles on the topic. These directories most significantly function databases which are indexed by a wealthy array of keyword categories, aiming to reach out to a wider part of the general public.

    Born in Bonn and resident in Zurich as well as San Francisco, Gerd is a world citizen of the longer term who spends his …