• Schools In New York Are Banning Zoom Over Security Concerns

    Zoom has been discovered to contain quite a bit of vulnerabilities regarding its security and privacy. More recently, it seems that the app has been found to be routing some of its calls made in North America through China, which has raised some concerns regarding the privacy of the app.

    So much so that according to reports, it appears that some schools in New York are now banning the video conferencing app from being used, citing security concerns. According to Danielle Filson, a spokesperson for the New York City Dept. of Education, “Providing a safe and secure remote learning experience for our students is essential, and upon further review of security concerns, schools should move away from using Zoom as soon as possible.”

    Filson adds, “There are many new components to remote learning, and we are making real-time decisions in the best interest of our staff and

  • Why Do Matter Particles Come in Threes?

    The universe has cooked up all sorts of bizarre and beautiful forms of matter, from blazing stars to purring cats, out of just three basic ingredients. Electrons and two types of quarks, dubbed “up” and “down,” mix in various ways to produce every atom in existence.

    Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research develop­ments and trends in mathe­matics and the physical and life sciences.

    But puzzlingly, this family of matter particles—the up quark, down quark, and electron—is not the only one. Physicists have discovered that they make up the first of three successive “generations” of particles, each heavier than the last. The second- and third-generation particles transform into their lighter counterparts too quickly to form exotic cats, but they otherwise behave identically. It’s as if the laws of

  • Malayan tiger becomes first animal in the US to be infected with coronavirus

    In a statement released by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) on April 5, 2020, a Malayan tiger by the name of ‘Nadia’ at the Bronx Zoo in New York City has become the first animal in the U.S. to test positive for the coronavirus.

    “Nadia, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo, has tested positive for COVID-19. She, her sister Azul, two Amur tigers, and three African lions had developed a dry cough and all are expected to recover,” the statement reads.

    She was diagnosed positive for the coronavirus by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Veterinary Services Laboratory.

    Nadia may be the first tiger in the world to test positive for the coronavirus.

    A report by Reuters revealed that Nadia may be the first tiger in the world to test positive for the virus, according to Paul Calle, chief veterinarian of the Bronx Zoo.

  • Quibi: how to watch shows and use the app’s features

    Quibi is the latest streaming service to launch in an increasingly crowded market — and it might be the weirdest one yet. Instead of relying on big franchise names or extensive catalogs of old content, like Disney Plus, Peacock, or HBO Max are doing, Quibi is betting big on a mobile-first strategy. Its “quick bites” of content can be watched in 10 minutes or less, and every piece of content can be seamlessly transitioned between separate vertical and landscape versions.

    Interested in trying it out? Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with Quibi:

    How much does Quibi cost?

    Quibi offers two subscription tiers: a $4.99-per-month option with “some ads” and a $7.99-per-month plan with no ads.

    There’s also a limited time 90-day free trial for anyone who signs up at Quibi.com before the end of April, for those looking to try out the service (and check out

  • The Improvement Of 3D Expertise

    The recent improvement of expertise has made it doable for us to reside in ways that have by no means been potential before. Early Man , eagerly reaching in direction of the warmth of the fire, wouldn’t have recognized that it could burn him. Common sense tells us that it must have taken a number of extra folks to comprehend the connection between hearth and dying. Another few years passed earlier than they realised that by inserting useless animals on the fireplace, they might make the meat more tasty, and less more likely to poison themselves. The first cook dinner either had a leap of intelligence or out of sheer luck he discovered step one towards enhancing human life.

    The German Talking Congregation in Glasgow are happy to supply one scholarship award of £500 for college students originating from German talking countries. The scholarship will assist these college students in …