• Netflix Now Lets Users PIN Protect Their User Profiles

    One of the features of Netflix is that it has the ability to learn what kind of shows and movies you like over time. This is based on what you watch, and over time, the platform can recommend movies and TV shows it thinks you like. This is great if you’re using Netflix alone, but what if you’re sharing your account with your family members?

    That’s where user profiles come in, where each profile will have its own series of shows and movies that are individually tailored to the user. However, if you use someone else’s profile, it can mess up their recommendations, and this is why Netflix has announced a new feature that will allow users to protect their profiles using a PIN code.

    Note that this is not the same as the password you use to log into your Netflix account. Instead, this is a PIN designed for

  • Why Does Covid-19 Make Some People So Sick? Ask Their DNA

    SARS-CoV-2, the pandemic coronavirus that surfaced for the first time in China last year, is an equal opportunity invader. If you’re a human, it wants in. Regardless of age, race, or sex, the virus appears to infect people at the same rate. Which makes sense, given that it’s a totally new pathogen against which approximately zero humans have preexisting immunity.

    But the disease it causes, Covid-19, is more mercurial in its manifestations. Only some infected people ever get sick. Those who do experience a wide range of symptoms. Some get fever and a cough. For others it’s stomach cramps and diarrhea. Some lose their appetite. Some lose their sense of smell. Some can wait it out at home with a steady diet of fluids and The Great British Baking Show. Others drown in a sea of breathing tubes futilely forcing air into their flooded lungs. Old people,

  • Snapchat releases a cool feature that shows what happens to your money when you scan it

    We should all play a part in helping the world combat the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, pandemic in whatever way we can.

    We have already seen the Malaysian National Zoo allowing us to virtually adopt animals and Lazada has a new donation section that allows you to donate to prominent charity organizations in Malaysia.

    Now, it’s Snapchat’s turn to show how we can easily donate to organizations via a very cool feature.

    IMAGE: Snapchat

    Snapchat recently added a lens feature that provides information on how to contribute to the COVID-19 Immediate Response Efforts fund.

    The feature is available in 33 countries including Malaysia and Indonesia.

    All you need to do is scan a RM10 or IDR 50,000 note for Malaysia or Indonesia respectively and it will show you how your potential donation could support the fight against coronavirus.

    This includes tracking the spread of the coronavirus, supporting patients to

  • This photographer is taking lockdown portraits over FaceTime

    Lockdown has disrupted everyone’s lives to varying degrees, and wedding photographers are some of the unluckier ones in terms of the impact on their careers — there aren’t any weddings happening, and even if there were it’d be unwise or impractical to attend. Yorkshire-based photographer Tim Dunk, however, has found a way to keep on taking portraits in self-isolation: FaceTime.

    Writing in PetaPixel, Dunk describes the process, which involves making use of the Live Photo button that lets you snap an image during the call. Dunk works with the subjects to find or create good light within their homes, then edits the resulting shots in Lightroom. “The image quality is not going to be great,” he says. “Embrace it!”

    Dunk says he’s done more than 50 shoots over FaceTime already, and is donating £10 ($12) from each shoot to The Trussell Trust, a UK food bank charity.

  • Oceanography

    Together with the advancement of science and know-how, technological innovations grew along with it, resulting to the emergence of recent gear and gadgets. Agricultural biotechnology is used to switch crops and animals to satisfy shopper demand for more healthful, nutritious foods, and to produce meals in more environmentally sustainable ways. 10: In on a regular basis life, we have to communicate with completely different associates and family, various official people and for basic purposes. And many people to be contacted may be at very far off distances. british columbia institute of technology Nonetheless, time and distance both have been conquered by Science. Whether or not we wish to communicate or journey, both are doable rapidly, briskly and expeditiously.

    The U.S. is the world leader in biotechnology, at present offering employment for greater than 300,000 people in over 6,000 U.S. biotech firms, with an estimated market capitalization of approximately USD 281 …