• Know-how Has Changed Human Lives

    Biotechnology is broadly defined as the sector of applied sciences meant to enhance the quality of life by finding ways to manipulate and enhance organic processes in living organisms. In 1988, after prompting from the United States Congress , the Nationwide Institute of Common Medical Sciences ( National Institutes of Well being ) (NIGMS) instituted a funding mechanism for biotechnology training. Universities nationwide compete for these funds to determine Biotechnology Training Applications (BTPs). Every successful software is usually funded for five years then should be competitively renewed. Graduate students in turn compete for acceptance right into a BTP; if accepted, then stipend, tuition and health insurance assist is supplied for two or three years through the course of their Ph.D. thesis work. Nineteen institutions supply NIGMS supported BTPs. 88 Biotechnology coaching can be provided at the undergraduate degree and in group faculties.

    The revolution in expertise has given rise to …

  • Apple And Google Team Up For COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tech For iOS And Android

    Apple and Google are rivals when it comes to a variety of products and services. However, if this COVID-19 virus outbreak is showing us, it’s that in order to beat the virus, many companies are switching up their operations and approaches to lend a helping hand. In this instance, it looks like in a rare partnership, Apple and Google are working together.

    In a joint announcement posted on Google’s blog, it seems that both Apple and Google are working together to build COVID-19 contact tracing into iOS and Android respectively. For those unfamiliar, contact tracing is basically a technique where it tries to locate all the people a person infected with a disease might have come into contact with.

    According to the announcement, “Apple and Google will be launching a comprehensive solution that includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to assist in enabling contact tracing. Given the

  • How to Whirl a Squirrel off of a Bird Feeder

    Squirrels are all right. They’re better than your average rodent, and they jump around and stuff. But if you have a bird feeder, you might hate them. These animals just don’t get that some food is set aside for birds. They don’t respect boundaries, and they’re not above wrecking your feeder to get the goods.

    That’s why some people employ anti-squirrel technology. A company called Droll Yankees makes dispensers with names like the Tipper, the Whipper, and the Flipper. That latter one has a motor on the bottom and a weight-activated spinning perch. Birds aren’t heavy enough to trip the switch, but a squirrel is.

    Now usually, a squirrel will jump off a bird feeder that starts to spin—but not the one in this viral video. You have to admire his spirit, actually. He hangs on till the bitter end, but it’s not enough and he catches some

  • iPad Pro (2020) review: A worthy update for creatives, but still no laptop killer

    After almost two years, Apple has finally refreshed the iPad Pro. But you can’t tell just by looking at it because its design remains nearly unchanged.

    Beneath the surface, however, you’ll notice it does offer a few noteworthy upgrades: dual camera sensors, a LiDAR scanner for augmented reality apps, trackpad support, and faster performance thanks to a new A12Z Bionic chipset.

    Like last year’s version, it comes in two sizes: an 11-inch display (starting at US$799 for 128GB) and a 12.9-inch display (starting at US$999 for 128GB). But if you want to use it as more than just a tablet, you’ll have to shell out for some additional and pricey accessories.

    To use the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as my daily driver, I had to attach the Smart Keyboard Folio (US$199), Apple Pencil (US$99), and Magic Trackpad (US$149). All of which drove the overall cost up to a total of US$1,446,

  • Samsung finally killing off S Voice assistant as of June 1

    Later this year Samsung will finally kill off its S Voice assistant, which never really caught up to Apple’s Siri. A note on Samsung’s support page says S Voice will no longer be available from June 1, as first reported by SamMobile.

    Samsung’s first attempt at a voice assistant, S Voice was introduced in 2012 in the Galaxy S III, but was buggy and slow. As 9to5 Google notes, S Voice could set reminders and make calls but wasn’t able to answer user questions in a conversational way, like Siri and Google Assistant are designed to do.

    Samsung essentially replaced S Voice with Bixby in phones starting with the Galaxy S8 (although Bixby itself hasn’t exactly impressed reviewers from The Verge over its lifespan, either). A few of Samsung’s wearables still have S Voice; the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Active have Bixby upgrades available and a similar upgrade