• The COVID-19 Virus Outbreak Has Not Stopped Banksy From ‘Working’ From Home

    With the COVID-19 virus outbreak forcing people to stay at home, we imagine that some people are no doubt going stir-crazy. However, just because you are stuck at home it doesn’t mean that you cannot be productive. Take a look at artist Banksy, known for his thought-provoking political graffiti that can be found around the world.

    Banksy, like the rest of us, is now stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean that the artist has stopped creating. In a series of photos posted onto Instagram, he has shared how he has been making full use of his time, such as by drawing in his bathroom, which according to his caption, has irked his wife to no end.

    In the Instagram post below, you can see how Banksy has rearranged his bathroom and drew on the walls to make it look like a family of mice has invaded it. As expected

  • These Ferrofluid Sculptures Will Melt Your Mind

    In the early 1960s, a NASA engineer by the name of Steve Papell dreamed up a career for modern-day artist Eric Mesplé. Well, at least not directly. Papell was trying to figure out how to move fuel around an engine in zero gravity, and hit upon the idea of a “ferrofluid.” By adding magnetic nanoparticles to a liquid, you can magnetize the medium. Apply a magnetic field, and suddenly that liquid behaves like no other on Earth.

    Ferrofluids never did end up in spacecraft engines, but half a century after Papell’s bright idea, Mesplé has deployed them for use in artworks that melt the mind. His installations use ferrofluids as moving elements of the 3D shapeshifting art. “When you were a kid, you could see the magnetic field in 2D iron filings on the piece of paper—you could see the striations of it,” Mesplé says. “But now you’re actually seeing,

  • The New iPhone SE’s Battery Is Disappointingly Small

    Yesterday, Apple announced its brand new iPhone SE. The phone is the successor to the original iPhone SE with updated hardware and specs and a brand new design. It also only costs $399, which is much, much cheaper than what Apple is asking for for its other higher-end iPhone models.

    However, as expected for that price, there will be compromises on its specs. While Apple isn’t really one to dive into the tech specs of its products, a recent listing by a Chinese reseller has revealed some of its potential specs, such as its battery where it seems that the new iPhone SE has a disappointingly small 1,821mAh battery.

    Now, there’s no way to know for sure if these specs are accurate until a teardown has been conducted, but we imagine that to get the price of the iPhone SE down to $399, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple

  • Lime is buying up the remnants of electric skateboard company Boosted

    Scooter sharing company Lime is scooping up the assets of defunct electric skateboard startup Boosted, The Verge has learned. At least five of Boosted’s core patents were assigned to Lime’s holding company on April 15th in the government’s database, and two former employees say Lime has been working on acquiring Boosted’s intellectual property dating back to the end of 2019.

    The move comes after a proposed acquisition from Yamaha fell through for Boosted earlier this year, according to the two former employees familiar with the deal, who were granted anonymity because of non-disclosure agreements they signed with the startup.

    Shortly after this article was published, Boosted cofounder and former CEO Sanjay Dastoor — who left the company more than a year ago — posted a message to the Boosted subreddit saying that “Lime has purchased all the assets and IP of the company. As far as I can tell, this