• Facebook To Remove Posts Promoting Anti-Lockdown Protests

    As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, many governments around the world have issued lockdown orders where they are asking people who are not in essential services to stay home. The idea behind these orders is to lessen the burden on healthcare systems which are currently overwhelmed by infected persons.

    However, there have been some who are defying these orders and have organized anti-lockdown protests. To help curb such activities, Facebook is doing their part by removing posts and events that promote these kind of protests. This was revealed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an interview with Good Morning America.

    According to Zuckerberg, “We do classify that as harmful misinformation and we take that down at the same time. It’s important that people can debate policy, so there’s a line on this. But, you know, more than normal political discourse, I think a lot of the stuff that people

  • The Covid-19 Newsletter That’s by Doctors for Doctors

    The FLARE team meets every day for a 4 pm Zoom meeting, at which they discuss a first draft written by a team member or, occasionally, an outside contributor. Later, they’ll group-edit a Google Doc. Camille Petri, a pulmonary and critical care fellow, is in charge of formatting and hitting Send—which often doesn’t happen until late at night. Considering these are all doctors who treat Covid-19 patients in critical care, the tone of the meetings is surprisingly goofy. Inside jokes abound. Some of the doctors set scenes from favorite movies as their Zoom backgrounds; meetings begin with a brief round of trying to guess one another’s movies.

    The goal isn’t always myth-busting. Many issues of FLARE are explainers (“SARS-CoV-2 Affects Children Differently Than Adults”). But the topics gravitate toward whatever questionable theory is being discussed on medical Twitter. “I’m only being a little facetious here: Some of it is what

  • Facebook Gaming Launched As A Standalone App For Smartphones

    Facebook is definitely no stranger when it comes to gaming. Several years ago, the company launched the Facebook Gaming platform designed to take on the likes of Twitch and YouTube. However, the downside was that Facebook Gaming was pretty much limited to desktops, meaning that those on mobile would not be able to use it.

    The good news for fans of Facebook Gaming or for those seeking an alternative to Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer, or YouTube Gaming, is that Facebook has since launched the platform as a standalone app for Android devices (iOS version will be launching soon). The app was originally planned for a mid-year launch, but it was reported yesterday by The New York Times that Facebook would be moving up the launch date to today.

    The standalone app pretty much does what its desktop counterpart does, except that it will now be mobile-friendly as well. Users will be

  • Demand for Sharp’s face masks crashes website and smart home gadgets

    Sharp announced last month that it would begin making face masks at its TV factory in Japan, and this morning they became available to order — at least, that was the plan. Demand for the masks has overwhelmed Sharp’s servers to the point that not only is it near-impossible to access the online store, internet services for the company’s smart home gadgets have apparently been taken down too.

    The Asahi Shimbun reports that Sharp IoT devices like air conditioners that connect to the internet and use smartphones for controls are currently experiencing problems. A Sharp representative apologized for the trouble and said the company is looking into the root cause. According to the company, it’s possible that the problems were caused by concentrated traffic to a server that handles user accounts for both the online store and the smart devices.

    The masks look like regular medical masks that are

  • A Life Sciences Online Resource Information

    Modern organizations outline themselves using statements of vision. Make credible threats. Typically there’s simply nothing you are able to do. And when that is the case, you must in all probability simply give it up. If contacting the business doesn’t work, write some dangerous critiques, contact the Better Enterprise Bureau and transfer on with life. However there are some issues you are able to do as a consumer to take the ability again. Just be realistic about what you can do and don’t threaten something more. Human augmentation is using technology to boost an individual’s cognitive and bodily experiences.

    Food biotechnology is just not a new idea. It had already been used lengthy before the term itself was coined. For centuries, man has been exploiting biology to make meals products similar to bread, beer, wine, and cheese. cape peninsula university of technology For example, man had already learnt the tactic …