• Facebook Still Has Plans To Put Ads In WhatsApp Eventually

    Ever since Facebook was acquired by WhatsApp, many have been wondering how Facebook plans to monetize the otherwise free app. Given how much Facebook paid for the company, it is without doubt that they do plan on recouping those expenses. Last year there were plans to introduce ads, but earlier this year Facebook decided to ditch that idea.

    However, according to a report from The Information (paywall), it claims that Facebook has not given up completely and still plan on eventually introducing ads. This was confirmed in a statement made to Engadget in which a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that ads are still a long-term opportunity for WhatsApp that they are still exploring.

    The report goes on to claim that one of the reasons why Facebook ditched their plans earlier this year was because they wanted to avoid antagonizing regulators. Given Facebook’s somewhat bad reputation regarding user privacy, the

  • Wait a Second, That Table Has No Legs!

    Really, this doesn’t tell us much. All it says is that the upward-pulling tension has to be equal to the two downward forces (gravity and the other tension).

    But what about the sum of the torques? If the object is in equilibrium, you can pick any point on the object to calculate the torque. I’m going to pick point o, where the upward-pulling string is attached. And I’ll say clockwise torques are negative values and counterclockwise are positive.

    To get the torque resulting from each force, remember that τ = Fr. But since the distance (r) for T1 is zero, this tension results in zero torque.

    So now, with only two other forces, the only way for their torques to offset is for one to pull clockwise and the other to pull counterclockwise. T2 is pulling down on the right side, which creates a

  • This Malaysian Facebook group is sharing their cooking fails and the results are hilarious

    Unless you’re a cooking genius like Gordon Ramsey, we’ve all fucked up in the kitchen once or twice before.

    But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

    In case you missed it yesterday, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin recently name dropped a popular Facebook group yesterday during his speech regarding the nation’s Movement Control Order (MCO) being extended until May 14.

    “If what we cook doesn’t turn out good it’s OK,” he said in his televised speech. “You can post in the Facebook group “Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni.”

    The Facebook group’s name translates very loosely to “What did you cook that didn’t turn out well today,” referring to kitchen adventures that sometimes turn out less than ideal.

    And indeed, people have been very open in sharing their failed creations in the group.

    Here are just some of the funny posts from the group.

    “When your chicken feet get too

  • Coursera to give unemployed workers free access to 3,800 online courses

    Online learning platform Coursera will make 3,800 of its courses available for free to people unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Gizmodo reported. The Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative is part of its Coursera for Government training program for government employees.

    The goal of the initiative is to help workers develop skills to become re-employed, according to a Coursera blog post. You can’t apply as an individual for the free courses; government agencies that serve unemployed workers have to apply for access.

    “Coursera for Government is designed for government agencies to provide reskilling and upskilling programs for entire communities,” according to the Coursera website.

    About 26 million people in the US have filed for unemployment in the past five weeks amid stay-at-home orders.

    The courses include company-specific training programs from Coursera partners like Google and IBM, as well as courses in the areas of cloud computing, emerging technologies, machine