• WhatsApp’s Forwarding Limit Seems To Be Working Wonders

    During high-profile events, like elections and the current global pandemic, everyone is constantly seeking as much information as they can find and sharing it. Sometimes this information can be false or wrong, and given how fast messages can spread and go viral, this can be dangerous.

    WhatsApp has in the past attempted to curb misinformation by limiting the number of people a message can be forwarded to, although more recently, the company has further increased those limitations by limiting highly-forwarded messages to just one person at a time. It turns out that it was a great idea.

    According to a statement made by a company spokesperson, they told TechCrunch that ever since they introduced this new limitation, they are seeing a 70% decrease in highly-forwarded messages. “We recently introduced a limit to sharing ‘highly forwarded messages’ to just one chat. Since putting into place this new limit, globally there

  • A Brain Implant Restored This Man’s Motion and Sense of Touch

    Burkhart says that having the ability to move objects was “fantastic,” but he was limited without a sense of touch. Without this feedback, grabbing objects required his full attention. Unless he was looking at it, he couldn’t say whether he was holding something or not. “That’s really challenging, especially if I want to grab something that’s behind me or in a bag,” Burkhart says. Even when he could see the object, the firmness of his grip was out of his control, which made handling delicate objects difficult.

    Adding a sense of touch into the system proved more difficult. Neuroscientists have successfully reproduced the sensation of touch in quadrepeligic people by relaying data from sensors in a robotic prosthetic hand to a chip in the user’s brain. The problem was Burkhart’s BCI wasn’t designed for that kind of input. It wasn’t even located in the right place. Touch is registered in

  • Music Mashable Southeast Asia has on repeat to cope with the lockdown insanity

    The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has got us all stuck at home. As the days turn into weeks and lockdowns or movement controls get extended, everyone is looking for ways to keep the insanity of staying at home at bay.

    Some turn to binge-watching shows on Netflix while others have turn into gamers during this period.

    But if there’s one form of entertainment that all of us rely on to cope with things, it has to be music. It’s no different here for the Mashable Southeast Asia team.

    Here are some of the tunes we’ve been listening to while social distancing at home.

    Sukhbir Cheema – Hiroshi Yoshimura Soundscape

    Sukhbir is a man of zen, and it pretty much reflects in his choice of music. He has been listening to Hiroshi Yoshimura, who’s considered to be the pioneer of ambient music in Japan. True to its genre, Yoshimura’s track

  • The iPhone SE can’t expand lock screen notifications with Haptic Touch

    It’s emerged that the new iPhone SE, which started shipping last Friday, has a curious feature missing: unlike every other modern iPhone, you’re unable to bring up rich content on the lock screen or notification shade with a “Haptic Touch” long press. MacRumors noted the omission, and The Verge has confirmed it on a device of our own.

    You can still see the rich content — like larger images, or buttons for things like archiving emails without opening the app — by swiping lock-screen notifications to the left and tapping “View,” so it’s not like the functionality has gone away completely. Haptic Touch also still works on notifications that come in at the top of the screen with the phone unlocked.

    The inconsistent behavior is certainly an unusual point of differentiation from other iPhones, not to mention an inconvenient one if you were used to the Haptic Touch method.