• USPTO Says AI Cannot Be Legally Credited As An Inventor

    The general idea behind patent and copyright law is that whoever creates it or comes up with the idea should be considered as its creator or inventor. However, what if the creator was not human? What if the idea for a product or service or invention was actually created by a computer, like AI?

    While we cannot speak to the legal systems in other countries, as far as the USPTO is concerned, no, an AI cannot be legally credited as an inventor. This is based on a submission to the USPTO for a couple of patents – an emergency flashlight and a shape-shifting drink container – which were created by an AI system called DABUS.

    The Artificial Inventor Project filed the patent invention on behalf of DABUS’ creator, Stephen Thaler, where they argued that since Thaler himself did not have any expertise in those types of products, he could not

  • Physicists Clear the Air With a Sweet Frickin’ Laser Beam

    In the first two months of 2019, Malte Schröder spent several weeks on a suburban Maryland college campus directing a dramatic scene that was set entirely inside a small styrofoam box.

    First, he set the stage by filling the box with thick fog, a thousand times denser than a cumulus cloud. Then—the lights. To illuminate the scene, he used a special laser built by physicist Howard Milchberg and his team at the University of Maryland. Schröder, a physics graduate student at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, had traveled all the way to Maryland just to make use of that laser. “The Milchberg group is excellent at making these very accurate laser pulse trains, where you can clearly determine the time delay between each pulse,” says Schröder. The laser is so precise that it can produce pulses of red laser light 8.36 trillionths of a second apart—exactly what Schröder needed.

  • This 16-day-old baby from the Philippines is the youngest patient ever to kick coronavirus’ butt

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused unbelievable damage to people around the world.

    It has affected people’s livelihoods, is on par to cause a global recession, and worst of all, it has taken the lives of many loved ones.

    But even during these dark times, not all hope has been lost. And this baby proves that there’s still a fighting chance for the future.

    Meet the Philippines’ youngest survivor to kick coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, to the curb.

    IMAGE: Department of Health

    The Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH) proudly introduced the 16-day-old infant in a Facebook post on April 30. Although the infant’s identity has been withheld for privacy reasons, the DOH has dubbed them “Baby Survivor.”

    According to the post, the baby has been under the care of frontliners at the National Children’s Hospital for the past 11 days, which means the infant was at the mere age

  • Turn your Switch into a Neo Geo Pocket Color with SNK Gals’ Fighters

    The Nintendo Switch may not have a proper Virtual Console, but it’s still a great system for classic games, and today sees one of its most unusual retro releases in a while. To celebrate the Neo Geo’s 30th anniversary this week, SNK is re-releasing Neo Geo Pocket Color title SNK Gals’ Fighters for the first time since it came out in 2000.

    That’s sort of an odd way to pay homage to the Neo Geo arcade system, if you ask me, but the results are certainly cool. By default, the Switch screen shows a scaled Neo Geo Pocket Color console running the game — you can even play it by pressing the console’s buttons on the touchscreen, though I wouldn’t recommend it. The clicky joystick is not quite going to be the same.

    The Neo Geo Pocket Color was an awesome little portable system with a lot of style,