• How To Get Extra HDMI Ports

    In at present’s occasions, science has developed far beyond the creativeness. We are all consumers and polluters to a point. Persons are starting to wake up to what’s going on, however sadly, they will not respond until everyone seems to be affected by the down facet of humanity. As long as there is adequate provides for the majority to use, the change will likely be sluggish and tedious. But i do believe that until mankind destroys itself that finally there can be fairness, equality, and man will discover a way to make life palatable for all people, not just for the few privileged few.

    Address situation of biotechnology applied to provide genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that may be used by agri-meals industries and ultimately in the food manufacturing chain. People with sure disabilities may profit from the technological advancements. Folks with disabilities can obtain enquiries by way of Web, cellphone …

  • Reddit Reverses Course On Its Subreddit Chat Room Feature

    The other day, Reddit announced that they would be introducing a new “Start Chatting” feature for subreddits. Basically these are chat rooms that exist within subreddits, where small groups of users can gather and chat at the same time, thus saving the time from having to send direct messages or joining a Discord server.

    However, it seems that as quickly as the feature was rolled out, it has since been rolled back. In a post on Reddit, the company has announced that they will be rolling back the feature. It seems that the  company’s eagerness to release the feature has resulted in it being rather buggy, plus it also seems that many moderators of subreddits weren’t too thrilled by it.

    This is because the chat rooms are completely unmoderated. As some have pointed out that this leaves the feature open to abuse and trolls who might be scouring Reddit

  • The World Is Still Producing More Oil Than It Needs. Why?

    Something weird happened on the oil market last week. For a few minutes on April 20, the price of a barrel went negative for the first time ever. The unprecedented collapse of prices is linked to the pandemic, which has caused people to stop doing oil-guzzling things like flying and driving. There’s now so much extra petroleum on the market that the world is running out of places to put it. If you’re an oil producer, it seems like the sensible thing to do in this situation would be to … stop producing so much oil.

    On Friday, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Russia, the US, and others will begin scaling back their production by nearly 10 million barrels per day. They hope that this will help stabilize prices and take some pressure off of producers and refineries that are scrambling to find a place to

  • Need a background for your Zoom meetings? Studio Ghibli has your back. Literally.

    Now that we’re all working from home and meetings are taking place at least once every week, our bosses are seeing the insides of our homes.

    Which, if you’re anything like me, can get disorganized at times. Like, really disorganized.

    Luckily for those of us who are using Zoom, we have the options to hide our backgrounds using the wondrous technology of green screen!

    If you want to watch Studio Ghibli films, you’re in luck because many of the studio titles are available on Netflix.

    And for Studio Ghibli fans, there’s even more good news as the critically-acclaimed studio has released high resolution images that you can use for your backgrounds.

    The list of backgrounds so far include these 12 titles:

    • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
    • Laputa: Castle in the Sky
    • Princess Mononoke
    • Spirited Away
    • The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    • Howl’s Moving Castle
    • Ponyo
    • The Secret
  • Boosted was developing two bikes and a super-powered electric skateboard

    Sam Sheffer, a tech YouTuber and former staffer at The Verge, posted a video on Friday revealing some unreleased products from the now-defunct electric skateboard startup Boosted, whose assets have been acquired by scooter company Lime and most of the company’s remaining inventory was obtained by a retailer in San Francisco. Sheffer shows images and photos of two bikes, a super-powered electric skateboard, a board with Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse brand, a board with an LED light ring around the edge, and more.

    The two different bike models were called the “Bullet” and “P2,” according to Sheffer, and they appear to be electric bikes. However, it’s not clear what type of throttle the bikes used. It’s also unclear what the differences were between the two models, though the Bullet looks to have a bigger battery than the P2. You can take a look at the bikes in the picture