• Deezer Wants To Use AI To Detect Explicit Lyrics In Songs

    We’re sure that you can come across CDs and songs on streaming platforms that have been labeled as having explicit content, usually to indicate if a song has swear words that might not be appropriate for underaged listeners. These labels are either suggested by the label or the artist or a human would have to manually go through them to put a label on it.

    This can be a tedious process and not particularly efficient, but Deezer is hoping to make it easier. The company has announced that they have been testing the use of AI to help detect whether or not a song may contain explicit lyrics, but the company’s approach will be slightly different from what you might expect.

    If you have some knowledge about programming or training AI, you might assume that the AI model will be trained by feeding it a bunch of samples of words

  • The FDA Tightens the Rules for Covid-19 Antibody Blood Tests

    The federal government has received plenty of well-deserved flack for slow-rolling the national launch of diagnostic tests for Covid-19. First came the flawed swab-based tests from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, followed by a chaotic, lost month of regulatory tango that prevented independent tests from getting scaled and out the door. So when interest arose in a different kind of testing—antibody blood tests, which are used to find evidence of past infection, not a current diagnosis—the US Food and Drug Administration was under pressure to hurry things along. In mid-March, the agency loosened its rules, declaring via an update to its emergency use guidance that antibody tests could be sold without seeking the agency’s approval, provided that manufacturers did their own validation.

    person lathering hands with soap and water

    How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces? 

    Plus: What it means to “flatten the curve,” and everything else you need to

  • Google Drive For iOS Now Supports Face ID And Touch ID

    If you use Google Drive on your phone to access files on the go, then you might be pleased to learn that in the latest update to the app, Google has introduced support for biometric security for the app. This means that users will be able to use either Face ID or Touch ID to protect their files from being accessed.

    How this works is that when you launch the app or move away from the app to another app, whenever you reopen the app, it will prompt users to unlock it using their face or fingerprint. Users will have the option of choosing how long they want to keep the app unlocked for, so if you want to multitask and switch back and forth often, then you can opt for a longer delay between security prompts.

    However, it should be noted that Google does point out that there are

  • Tumblr will now remove all reblogs of posts that violate its hate speech policy

    Tumblr on Monday announced an update to its hate speech policy, announcing on its blog that it would start cutting down on the reach of posts considered hate speech by removing all reblogs of terminated content. Tumblr says it’s specifically targeting speech from Nazis and other white supremacist groups, which it says still be amplified on its platform through reblogs even after the original post was removed for violating its hate speech policies.

    “Many of you have called on us to further reevaluate how we deal with hate speech, particularly hate speech from Nazis or other white supremacist groups. Today we’re letting you know that we heard you, and we are taking further action,” Tumblr, which is now owned by WordPress creator Automattic, writes. “In our own research, and from your helpful reports, we found that much of the existing hate speech stemmed from blogs that have actually already

  • The Human And Expertise Relationship

    Biotechnology is basically recreation and reinvention of nature. Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine studying are all part of a posh of technologies that may present solutions to that second question and use these answers to make decisions. Machine learning is a instrument by which you are taking a big set of data and ask the machine to determine any patterns that emerge. This, because it turns out, is a relatively easy process. All an algorithm does is automate what happens when it encounters a specific set of knowledge, or a specific set of circumstances. And artificial intelligence is a constellation of algorithms that can perform machine learning by themselves.

    A particular characteristic of this applied science program is its mission-based approach, with independently-designed microbiology initiatives that will improve your drawback-solving and analysis skills. Dr. R. Colwell, Director, US Nationwide Basis at a US-EC Biotech assembly in 2003 said: “If we …

  • Office Provides, Furnishings, Expertise At Workplace Depot

    Biotechnology refers to technological applications that make use of residing organisms and organic techniques extensively in the area of drugs, food science and agriculture. In 1919, a Hungarian engineer named Karl Ereky coined the phrase biotechnology. During that point, all methods had been referred to as production with the assistance of dwelling organisms. By the tip of nineteen century, the work of Gregor Mendel on traits and inheritance promoted the concept of the science through selective breeding. People then learned to pick out and grow the vegetation with bigger and sweeter fruits and tried to breed solely wholesome animals. four. Great Promoting Media: Information and Communication Know-how is a veritable platform for creating awareness on any subject that might elicit public interest and one of the best marketing tools. Tens of millions of individuals browse the internet each day searching for data in their areas of interest. Consequently ICT is …