• You Can Now Launch Video Calls In Instagram That Supports Up To 50 People

    Making video calls on Instagram isn’t exactly a new function or feature, however in a recent update to the app, Instagram has announced that the video calling feature will now support as many as 50 people at a time. This is thanks to the integration of Messenger Rooms within the Instagram app.

    For those who are unfamiliar, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms earlier this month. This is a new feature for Messenger that will support large groups of users looking to make video calls with each other. This is meant to take on the likes of platforms such as Zoom which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent months.

    Both Facebook Messenger and Instagram already support video calls, but it was limited to a handful of participants. With Messenger Rooms, users will now be able to create large rooms for multiple participants to join at the same time.

  • Space Photos of the Week: Keeping an Eye on Jupiter’s Storms

    Jupiter has one of the most bizarre atmospheres in the entire solar system. Gas giants like Jupiter are believed to have some kind of semi-solid core, but are mostly made of gas like hydrogen, helium, and ammonia. The planet is also the fastest spinning orb in the solar system, which creates a lot of turbulence and some very complex storm systems. And for the past few years, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been orbiting the planet to keep a close eye on Jupiter’s behavior. NASA, by the way, sourced the name from a Greek myth: Jupiter, king of the gods, was a philanderer and whenever he brought another woman back to his lair he’d hide his activity by engulfing himself with a thick layer of clouds. Too bad for him he didn’t realize that his wife, Juno, had the ability to see through the clouds. Joke’s on you Jupiter!

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  • These smartphones were the top searches among Southeast Asians during lockdown

    Despite the lockdown, Southeast Asians have been keeping themselves busy by searching for the latest smartphones.

    While it’s true that many industries were disrupted by the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, the communication industry remained resilient.

    Yet, there were many smartphone makers who still suffered the brunt of the virus as interests declined significantly.

    However, according to recent findings by Southeast Asian meta-search website operator iPrice Group, there were three that saw an increase in search interest.

    These were the smartphones with the lowest search interest.

    The Honor 30 is one of them. IMAGE: Techy Ric / YouTube.

    As the world went into lockdown mode in March, several smartphone providers took this as an opportunity to launch their products. Naturally, there were winners and losers.

    iPrice had collected Google Keyword Planner search behaviour data based on the keywords across the region in seven countries including Hong Kong between March

  • Google Messages may finally be adding end-to-end encryption for RCS

    An analysis of the latest update to Google Messages suggests it may be moving closer to having end-to-end encryption for RCS, according to 9to5 Google (via APKMirror). Rich communication services, or RCS, is the successor to SMS messaging and does what most other texting services do, but without the end-to-end encryption that apps like Signal and iMessage have. Its widespread adoption has been a bit of a mess, but the major US cellular carriers announced late last year that they would offer RCS in 2020.

    Google first unveiled RCS chat as Android’s primary texting platform in 2018, and in November, announced it was actually rolling it out to users in the US.

    An internal build of Google Messages v. 6.2 has several lines of code that offer clues to possible future features for the app, including 12 new strings that refer to encryption, according to 9to5 Google’s

  • Emerging Issues In Multicultural Psychology

    Technology is the power that drives our lives. Any clever interface initiative involves underlying expertise capabilities to convey it to life. bannari amman institute of technology As the fidelity and complexity of these experiences evolve, those foundational parts change into even more essential. In case you are collaborating with a colleague in a virtual surroundings through a head-mounted show, a 50-millisecond delay in a spoken conversation is annoying; if you end up ready a full 10 seconds for a shared visual to load, you will probably lose confidence in the system altogether. Creating the supporting infrastructure necessary to reap, analyze, and disseminate infinitely more knowledge from more input sources will make or break experiences. There are additionally knowledge syndication, seize, storage, compression, and supply concerns, and that is where having an IT technique for managing the backbone elements of intelligent interfaces shall be crucial.

    The program builds on the foundation …