• Major Hydroxychloroquine Trial Shows No Prevention Benefits

    Diagnostic test kits might have shown that fewer people actually had the disease than the study claimed—what Wachter calls an “overcall,” something that might be more likely in a place like San Francisco, where the overall prevalence of infection was low. Just 4 percent of the people who came to UCSF with Covid-like symptoms in March actually had Covid-19. But in this case, he says, even if that was the case, it wouldn’t have biased the final results. “There’s no good reason to believe that this wouldn’t lead to more cases of Covid being called equally in both groups,” Wachter says, “so it should have no ultimate effect on the study.”

    It’s possible, too, that the overall number of people the study looked at wasn’t big enough to pick up a smaller but still positive effect. “The study was designed to be large enough to detect a halving in the

  • Malaysian woman leaves husband and child to play ‘PUBG’ with another man

    Games are known to bring positive impacts on people. However, there are a small minority of games that have, in recent years, the capability of ruining people’s lives.

    Of course, that’s only if gamers don’t keep their gaming habits in check…

    Malaysian daily, Harian Metro, recently reported that a woman left her husband and three-year-old child to play Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG with an unknown man.

    PUBG is known for its ‘stickiness’.

    The incident, which happened on May 31, saw the 22-year-old woman from Setiu, located in the Malaysian state of Terengganu, disappear without a trace.

    According to sources, the woman had ran away by riding a motorcycle.

    “The woman is believed to have been addicted to PUBG and had met a man who could have influenced her to leave her family,” Setiu district police head, superintendent Afandi Hussin said.

    He added that the family found the motorcycle

  • Namco ports Pac-Man CE for the Xbox 360 to the NES for the Switch

    Namco has a new range of Famicom (NES) games coming out for the Nintendo Switch this month, and it includes an unexpected bonus: a NES demake of Pac-Man Championship Edition, the incredibly good reimagining of Pac-Man released for the Xbox 360 in 2007.

    Pac-Man CE transformed Pac-Man from a plodding stage-based game into a fast-paced time attack where every round lasts five minutes and you’re racing to get the highest score possible. It was designed for widescreen TVs and featured pulsating neon HD graphics, but it would have been perfectly playable on older hardware — its advancement was entirely in smart game design. An NES version, then, should work out pretty well.

    “What we wanted to do was to make an HD game based on the core fundamentals of what Pac-Man is and why it succeeds,” director Tadashi Iguchi told Gamasutra in 2008. “After looking at that, we realized

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