• When Health Care Moves Online, Many Patients Are Left Behind

    Speaking on a landline, the patient complained of an itchy eye. On the call’s other end, physician Carla Harwell considered the possibilities, from seasonal allergies to vision-damaging herpes. Luckily, the elderly patient’s daughter was visiting during the phone consultation, so Harwell asked her to text a picture of her mom’s eye. The photo shocked Harwell. It was the worst case of bacterial conjunctivitis the doctor had ever seen.

    Without the picture, Harwell would have told the octogenarian patient to call back in a few days or come to her office, risking an in-patient visit during the Covid-19 pandemic. She certainly wouldn’t have prescribed the antibacterial eye drops needed to treat the infection. “I probably would not have prescribed anything,” Harwell says. “That’s a scary thought.”

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    Amid the coronavirus pandemic, more of the nation’s medical care is being delivered by telephone or videoconference,

  • Where will the US$1 million raised by BTS Army for #BlackLivesMatter go?

    Fan bases. Never underestimate them.

    Korean pop boy band BTS recently took to Twitter to show their support towards the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

    Big Hit Entertainment, the management company for the band, revealed to the BBC that BTS had donated US$1 million to the cause.

    Fans decided to match it.

    Within hours, BTS Army aka the fans worldwide quickly got themselves organized and vowed to match the donated amount.

    Spearheading the initiative was BTS’s worldwide fan collective of volunteers, One in an ARMY, who quickly got together a list of organizations the BTS Army could donate to. The collective regularly takes charge of charity initiatives for

  • Court denies arrest warrant for Samsung heir

    Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong has escaped arrest after a court in Seoul denied prosecutors’ request to detain him while they conduct an investigation into alleged accounting fraud. Lee, who goes by Jay Y. Lee in the West and is the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, spent almost a year in jail until February 2018 for his role in a separate scandal.

    “It appears that prosecutors have secured considerable amount of evidence through their investigation, but they fell short of explaining the validity to detain Lee,” the Seoul Central District Court said, as reported by Nikkei. “Considering the significance of the case, it is appropriate to determine whether the suspects are responsible and the degree (of their involvement) through sufficient trials and debates.”

    As such, the case against Lee could still proceed. The prosecutors may seek an arrest warrant again after gathering further evidence, or bring charges against Lee

  • Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Tendencies For 2020

    Biotechnology or Biotech is a science which entails a broad spectrum of biological engineering and its industrial scopes. One thing that I feel ought to happen, and I believe that if enough of my era reminiscent of “a child” share this concept, that Canada could basically “merge” with the US! could we live without technology The 13 provinces would change into states. The 2 nations’ cultures are very similar, and over time due to technologies just like the web, as well as changes like above, will transfer closer. there would probably be several transitionary steps, kind of like NAFTA. After a pair decades of being united, it might seem to be it was always that method! The United States(US+Canada) would turn out to be the largest nation on earth, with entry to the ice-free trade route of the arctic ocean, as well as vast amounts of area and pure assets. …