• In Alaska, Summer’s Getting Too Hot for the Salmon Run

    This story originally appeared in High Country News and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    Last summer, across southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay region—home to the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world—tens of thousands of fish washed up dead along riverbanks. Rivers running at temperatures above the threshold for salmon health were killing the fish even as record numbers of them were returning from the ocean to reproduce.

    On the Ugashik River, a wide, muddy tributary of the bay, salmon schooled near the river’s mouth, hunkered down in the deeper, cooler water, but they refused to swim upstream into the too-warm waterway. Because no salmon were reaching spawning grounds upriver, the state closed commercial fishing on the Ugashik in early July, right at the normal peak of the run.

    Unable to wet their nets and unsure when the fishery would reopen, Ugashik fishermen bided their time at seasonal camps,

  • You can now find Malaysian curry in Japanese Muji stores. They come in fancy packaging, of course.

    Muji – the quintessential shopping haven for minimalist enthusiasts across the world – is known for the wide variety of products they sell.

    This includes clothes, furniture, stationery, and even food. It’s essentially an upmarket Daiso.

    Though most Muji stores sell region-specific goods, there are certain sections that sell more ‘exotic’ fare.

    That’s exactly what one Malaysian discovered as he was browsing a Muji store in Japan.

    To his surprise, Malaysian Twitter user @AzraaiAzuha found an entire shelf stocked with Malaysian curry.

    IMAGE: @AzraaiAzuha / Twitter

    The Malaysian options available were chicken curry, beef rendang, and chicken masak lemak.

    Speaking to SAYS, @AzraaiAzuha confirmed that each packet costs roughly 490 Japanese Yen (US$4.50).

    The food itself is actually produced by the Japanese branch of Brahim’s Food, a company that specializes in retort pouch goods and other instant foods. And they actually started off making meal rations for troops

  • Tesla reportedly adding USB-C ports and wireless phone charging to US-made Model 3 vehicles

    Tesla has started adding a wireless phone charger and USB-C ports to Model 3 vehicles built at its Fremont, Calif. factory, Elektrek reported. As first reported by Drive Tesla Canada, the features were already available in Tesla’s Model Y, and the carmaker began adding them last month to its Chinese-made Model 3 vehicles.

    The Model Y, which Tesla began delivering to US customers in March, comes standard with the Qi wireless phone charger, but until now, it’s only been available to Model 3 vehicles as an aftermarket add-on, according to Elektrek .

    Tesla lowered the prices of its Model 3, Model S, and Model X in North America last month, as well as the prices of the Model S and Model X cars sold in China. Its Chinese-produced Model 3 cars didn’t see a price reduction. The price cuts were reportedly an attempt to help boost sales.

  • Importance Of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) In The Put up

    Asian Network for Scientific Data is a number one service provider to the publishers of Science, Technology and Medication (STM) in Asia. Emerging internet applications present Software as a Service (SaaS) as a viable choice to entry infrastructure companies, data, functions, and enterprise processes although simple and straightforward to make use of internet browsers. The net based mostly “cloud computing” environments might entry a single source for knowledge, purposes, or resources for consumer queries and reporting. Nevertheless, as metadata management and mashups become more sophisticated and commonplace, net platform Software program as a Service will more and more allow the recombination of data from a number of knowledge sources, applications, and assets. This evolution enables real time data collection, comparability, evaluation, software and resource allocation by way of internet portals, lowering direct knowledge or service connectivity, and permitting considerably higher person flexibility.

    In our busy lives we hardly get time …