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    Another example, one with which I am intimately acquainted, are client electronics startup companies. I’ve been related to both those that succeeded and people who failed. Each possessed unique leading edge technologies. The distinction was opportunity. People who failed couldn’t find the …

  • Ground-Penetrating Radar Mapped a Buried Ancient Roman City

    Falerii Novi was once a walled town just north of Rome, likely founded around 241 BC as a relocation site for a Falisci tribe that had rebelled against the Romans. Located on a volcanic plateau, archaeologists surmise that the new site was chosen because it wasn’t as easy to defend, thereby discouraging further uprisings. There were likely some 2,500 residents during the third and fourth centuries BC. The ruins are deep underground, but a team of archaeologists from the University of Cambridge and Ghent University in Belgium have used ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to map the complete city. They described their findings in a recent paper in the journal Antiquity.


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    Dating back to 1910, when the first patent for

  • This famous Southeast Asian dish got a mention in the latest Marvel X-Men comic

    In recent years, there’s been a slew of Southeast Asian references in Marvel comics.

    In January 2020, comic fans began searching for Madripoor, based off Singapore, after the logo of the fictional island was leaked from the set of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier miniseries.

    Two years before that, a Malaysian snack made out of palm sugar and banana mush cooked in banana leaf, lepat pisang was featured in Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4.

    Now, yet another Southeast Asian delicacy has made it to Marvel comics. This dish, is particularly famous in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

    According to video games website Kakuchopurei, the dish is none other than the laksa.

    The laksa.

    IMAGE: @DrunkDezmond/Twitter.

    Laksa is an extremely

  • Nextdoor eliminates its Forward to Police program

    Neighborhood social networking app Nextdoor says it is discontinuing its Forward to Police feature which let users send message board posts directly to local police, Bloomberg CityLab reported. The site has been under increasing scrutiny for how it handles communications with law enforcement, and for how it handles racism among members on its app.

    “As part of our anti-racism work and our efforts to make Nextdoor a place where all neighbors feel welcome, we have been examining all aspects of our product,” the company announced in a blog post. “After speaking with members and public agency partners, it is clear that the Forward to Police feature does not meet the needs of our members and only a small percentage of law enforcement agencies chose to use the tool.”

    Black Nextdoor users have told The Verge that posts on the app often make them feel unsafe, and that volunteer