• Astronomers Are Uncovering the Magnetic Soul of the Universe

    Anytime astronomers figure out a new way of looking for magnetic fields in ever more remote regions of the cosmos, inexplicably, they find them.

    Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research develop­ments and trends in mathe­matics and the physical and life sciences.

    These force fields—the same entities that emanate from fridge magnets—surround Earth, the sun, and all galaxies. Twenty years ago, astronomers started to detect magnetism permeating entire galaxy clusters, including the space between one galaxy and the next. Invisible field lines swoop through intergalactic space like the grooves of a fingerprint.

    Last year, astronomers finally managed to examine a far sparser region of space—the expanse between galaxy clusters. There, they discovered the largest magnetic field yet: 10 million light-years of magnetized space spanning the entire length of

  • Some Malaysian fruit sellers are pricing durians based on the car you drive

    Ah, the durian. It’s the undisputed and notoriously stinky King of Fruits.

    There are people who absolutely despise the fruit in all its forms, and then there are those who swear by its creamy, decadent taste as if it were a gift from God to all of mankind.

    Are you a durian lover? IMAGE: The Food Ranger / Facebook

    And with durian season in Malaysia well under way, more and more fans of the fruit, as well as ‘thrill seekers’ aiming to break their durian virginity, will be flocking to durian stands nationwide.

    But some unscrupulous fruit sellers in Malaysia have been taking advantage of people’s love for the durian.

    How, you ask?

    How much do you think a durian would cost if you pulled up in this car? IMAGE: @mclarenkualalumpur / Instagram

    They’ve employed a pretty unique, albeit evil method to determine the prices of the durians they

  • US sanctions make Huawei more of a security risk, says leaked UK report

    The UK may reverse its decision to allow Huawei as a supplier for the country’s 5G network buildout after a report concluded that US sanctions would make the Chinese telecom giant’s equipment less safe. The report from GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre, leaked by The Telegraph and corroborated by Bloomberg, claims that the restrictions on Huawei’s operations “will force the company to use untrusted technology that could increase the risk to the UK.”

    The report “is likely to force Boris Johnson to abandon the company entirely,” according to The Telegraph. A source told Bloomberg that the British prime minister is preparing to phase out Huawei as soon as this year, although the exact timetable is reportedly yet to be confirmed.

    “We are considering the impact the US’ additional sanctions against Huawei could have on UK networks,” the UK government says in a statement.