• This Company Wants to Rewrite the Future of Genetic Disease—Without Crispr Gene Editing

    That can spell real trouble for the bacteria on the receiving end of this gene shuffle. If those MGEs insert themselves into critical gene regions, it’s bye-bye bacteria. “You can think about MGEs the same way you can think about mutations,” says Peters. “We wouldn’t have evolved without them, but 99.99999 percent of them are bad. Bacteria are trying at any cost to stop MGEs from destabilizing their genome.”

    The Nobel Prize-winning botanist Barbara McClintock discovered the first known class of MGEs, called transposons, or “jumping genes,” in maize in 1931. Her technique for staining the plant’s chromosomes allowed her to see when chunks from one would jump to another. But for many decades, the purpose of all these repeated sections of self-rearranging DNA eluded scientists. Some went so far as to dub the MGE-heavy sections of the human genome “junk DNA.” It was hard to get funding to study

  • This bride was apparently forced to work on a presentation at her wedding

    On Twitter, there’s a video that’s being retweeted numerous times.

    This video is that of a bride, believed to be from India, occupying herself with a laptop and a smartphone at what appears to be her own wedding.

    In the short 13 second clip posted by Twitter user Dinesh Joshi, the bride appears to be on the phone with someone while a laptop is propped on her lap. The groom walks and sits next to her seconds later as Hindi music blares in the background.

    The video has led many people to have conflicting theories as to what she’s actually doing.

    Some felt that the bride was showing off, pretending to be busy to impress society.

  • An external lens won’t completely fix your webcam woes, but it has its benefits

    Recently, some of the most popular webcams have been difficult to buy at major online retailers as people bought them to help stay in contact while social distancing or working from home during the pandemic. For example, as of this writing, Logitech’s popular C920 HD Pro webcam is sold out on Logitech’s US online store, and its listed price on Amazon US is currently well above Logitech’s own $79.99 asking price. Other models are available, but the situation means you might not get the exact webcam you want.

    That means people have had to get creative by using standalone cameras or even old iOS or Android devices as replacement webcams. But today, I’ve been trying out a different approach: using an aftermarket lens from Moment to improve my laptop’s existing webcam, rather than replacing it entirely. The lens mount was originally designed for smartphones (where most of Moment’s focus