• How to Read Covid-19 Research (and Actually Understand It)

    A typical study has six major parts. They generally begin with an abstract, which briefly describes the question the researchers were trying to answer, what data they collected, and what the results were. Then the introduction and literature review sections set the stage and tell readers more about the ideas the researchers were exploring and what previous studies have found. The methods section explains exactly how the study was conducted, which allows other researchers to repeat the experiment to see if they get the same results. Then the results, discussion, and conclusion sections break down what the scientists found and what that might mean. The authors might also bring up any problems or questions they encountered, and suggest avenues for further study. When reading the conclusions, it’s important to understand that the scientists’ data set might support or contradict a hypothesis, but it won’t definitively prove or disprove a hypothesis.

  • Malaysian university converts an old bus into a homestay and we’re sold

    Throughout the whole COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been itching to leave their homes.

    Personally, I know I’ve been going a little stir-crazy looking at the same trees outside my windows.

    Luckily for Malaysians, the country has finally lifted its local traveling restrictions! Families are finally able to reunite after the long few months of social distancing while others are able to return back home.

    And for all those looking for a new and unique homestay experience, this new Airbnb may be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

    Introducing Rumah No. 2.

    The new Airbnb appeared on Malaysian social media recently and Malaysians have been loving the place.

    What’s so special about it you may ask?

    It was converted from an old University Malaya school bus.

    IMAGE: Rumah No.2

    Sure it may still look like an ordinary bus from the outside.

    IMAGE: Airbnb

    But step inside and you’ll

  • Fujifilm’s macOS webcam tool is out now

    Fujifilm has released its software that lets you use X-series mirrorless cameras as a webcam for your Mac. The Fujifilm X Webcam tool was initially released for Windows computers in May; Fujifilm later said a Mac version would follow in mid-July.

    Fujifilm X Webcam works with the X-T200, X-A7, X-H1, X-Pro2, X-Pro3, X-T2, X-T3, and the X-T4 X-series APS-C mirrorless models, as well as all three GFX medium format cameras. One note for Mac users is that Fujifilm only lists it as working with Zoom, Teams, Skype, and Meet through Chrome or Microsoft’s new Chromium-based version of Edge, so you might not be able to use it with Safari.

    The software is available to download for free from Fujifilm’s website right now.

  • How To Get Extra HDMI Ports

    With the increase in the world demand for food and food products, scientists everywhere in the world have been probing the possibility of discovering a option to improve crop yields, improve and improve the dietary worth and style, whereas defending the setting by decreasing using chemical substances comparable to pesticides. During challenge implementation, the primary stakeholders of the challenge are the Ministry of City Planning, Water Provide and Higher Schooling, College Grants Commission, Ministry of Science Technology and Analysis, Ministry of Development Methods and International Trade, Board of Investments, universities (primarily College of Kelaniya, Rajarata College of Sri Lanka, Sabaragamuwa College of Sri Lanka and College of Sri Jayewardenepura), non-public education providers, non-public and public sector employers, college college students and their parents. Communities adjoining to the proposed faculties can even profit from the new enterprise that will be generated from the student inflow.

    Monitoring prospects’ offline habits. Just as …

  • Science And Expertise Education And Future Human Wants

    Oceanography, one of many essential four branches of Earth Science , is the study of the oceans. The Biotechnology and Organic Sciences Analysis Council (BBSRC) is a nationwide funding agency investing in bioscience research and training in the UK. The Council aims to further scientific data, promote financial progress and enhance the standard of life within the UK and beyond. Researchers at Duke College Medical Heart transplanted hearts from genetically altered pigs into baboons, proving that cross-species operations are doable. The bacterium Haemophilus influenzae is the primary residing organism on the planet to have its complete genome sequenced.

    In the twentieth century, authors have argued that know-how performs an important function within the structure of human nature and id. These authors state that humans have all the time formed and prolonged themselves by virtue of technical tools and artefacts. In our modern era, know-how – consider microscopes and MRI scans, …