• Kids playing in a museum break the world’s largest glass blown castle worth US$64,000

    This is the world’s largest glass blown castle.

    Located at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, it took some 500 hours of work by Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas to create this masterpiece.

    Yet, it took a matter of mere seconds for parts of it to shatter after kids playing in the museum bumped into the piece of art.

    The spires are made out of gold. IMAGE: CGTN.

    The Fantasy Castle is based off the famous Cinderella Castle at Disney World, which is worth approximately 450,000 yuan ($64,000). Its spires are made of 24-karat gold.

    Two kids who were visiting the museum in May with their parents were chasing each other when one of them crossed over the belt barrier and knocked into the display case.

    It took 500 hours to build this glass blown castle. IMAGE: CGTN.

    This caused the castle to fall, breaking the main spire

  • Oppo announces 125W tech that charges phones in 20 minutes

    Oppo has long been a leader in engineering fast-charging solutions — it developed the tech behind the Dash Charge system used in OnePlus phones, for example, and has achieved even faster results in many of its own devices. Today, the company is taking a further step forward with the announcement of a 125W system that it claims is the most advanced in the industry.

    The headline figures of the system are that it can charge a 4,000mAh phone battery in 20 minutes and up to 41 percent in 5 minutes. If accurate, this would beat Oppo’s own record for fast-charging a battery of that size by around 10 minutes.

    This isn’t simply a matter of building a big power adapter and plugging it into a regular phone — the charger, cable, and battery itself need to be designed together for safety and efficiency. Oppo says the phone, which isn’t yet

  • Laptop Viruses

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