• How Gödel’s Proof Works | WIRED

    To see how substitution works, consider the formula (∃x)(x = sy). (It reads, “There exists some variable x that is the successor of y,” or, in short, “y has a successor.”) Like all formulas, it has a Gödel number—some large integer we’ll just call m.

    Now let’s introduce m into the formula in place of the symbol y. This forms a new formula, (∃x)(x = sm), meaning, “m has a successor.” What shall we call this formula’s Gödel number? There are three pieces of information to convey: We started with the formula that has Gödel number m. In it, we substituted m for the symbol y. And according to the mapping scheme introduced earlier, the symbol y has the Gödel number 17. So let’s designate the new formula’s Gödel number sub(m, m,

  • McDonald’s is selling the cutest cat grips to keep your fingers clean and bother your felines

    Do you like eating fries, but you’re not a fan of the oily texture it leaves behind?

    Well, McDonald’s China may have found a solution for you. A feline solution, that is.

    Introducing, McDonald’s cat paw grips.

    IMAGE: Weibo

    What could these things be, you may ask? Well, McDonald’s China has released its line of adorable cat paw grips to ensure your fry eating journey goes smoothly and cutely without any problems.


    IMAGE: Weibo

    It also comes in five different colors, depending on your feline of choice.

    The five options available include various colors ranging from orange tabbies to pure white kitties.

    IMAGE: Weibo
    IMAGE: Weibo

    Just look at their adorable promotional video!

    According to their Weibo

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 shown off in most detailed leak yet

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20, the step-down model from the top-of-the-line Note 20 Ultra, has leaked in a new 360-degree render thanks to tipster Evan Blass. The render shows off a handset with a much flatter screen than what we’re expecting from the Ultra, and the rear camera module also appears to lack the Ultra’s fourth sensor, which is speculated to be either a 3D ToF sensor or a laser autofocus.

    Although we’ve heard a lot about the Note 20 Ultra thanks to numerous leaks, including one from Samsung’s own website as well as an early video of the handset itself, relatively little had been revealed about the standard Note 20. We’ve seen still images and a diagram of its camera layout from leaker Ice Universe, but this render from Blass gives us a much better idea of its overall design.