• How NASA Built a Self-Driving Car for Its Next Mars Mission

    Matthies has helped build the visual navigation systems for every rover that’s ever gone to Mars. Aside from Sojourner, NASA’s first rover on the Red Planet, all of its mobile explorers have used a combination of stereo vision and visual odometry to get around. But what makes Perseverance special is that it has dedicated hardware and a suite of fancy new algorithms for machine vision.

    Perseverance’s new digital glasses will allow it to autonomously navigate its surroundings several times faster than its predecessors, which means the rover has more time to focus on its main scientific objectives. Still, it will take Perseverance a full day to drive the same distance a sloth can cover in an hour. But compared to NASA’s previous Mars rovers, Perseverance is a hot rod. “The longest drive that any Martian rover has ever done in a day is 219 meters,” says Twu. “We’re able to

  • Friendships between postmen and dogs can exist. Just look at these two from Malaysia.

    We all know that cliche of dogs chasing and barking at postmen when they drive by our neighborhoods to deliver our mail.

    But have you heard of a dog waiting for a postman just to greet him and politely take the mail off his hands?

    Well, now you have.

    Dogs may be an occupational hazard to most postmen, but Mohd Munir Mohd Yusof has developed a strong bong with one unusually loyal dog.

    In an interview with Malay Mail, Munir said it has become a routine for the nameless pooch to retrieve the letters from him each time he arrives at the owner’s house at Perak, Malaysia.

    In fact, the dog even usually waits for him to come by on his motorbike outside the house’s gates.

    “Sometimes, if the owner does not open the gate for the dog, it will stand on its hind legs, inside the compound to

  • Samsung promises new mobile and TV products at virtual September event

    Samsung is hosting an “immersive virtual experience” on September 2nd, following its decision not to exhibit at Europe’s major IFA tech show this year. The 45-minute event, which Samsung is calling “Life Unstoppable,” will include new mobile, TV, and home appliance product launches, as well as wearable and audio announcements.

    Although it’s one of the bigger exhibitors at IFA each year, Samsung tends to save its smaller announcements for the show rather than unveiling any major new smartphones or wearables. Last year, for example, its biggest announcements were its new Exynos 980 processor which featured an integrated 5G modem, its redesigned Galaxy Fold, and the midrange Galaxy A90 5G smartphone. Considering the event will come less than a month after its August Unpacked event, a similar slate of announcements seems likely.

    IFA, meanwhile, announced