• The Sly Psychology Behind Magicians’ Card Tricks

    Pick a card, any card. It’s a staple of traditional magic tricks. But if you choose the 3 of diamonds, chances are you may have been “primed” by the magician to pick that card without even being aware of it. That’s because certain subtle verbal and gestural cues can unconsciously influence decisionmaking, according to a recent paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).


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    There is a certain degree of well-founded skepticism surrounding studies of visual or verbal priming. There was, for instance, a famous “experiment” in 1957 by a market researcher named James McDonald Vicary, involving subliminal advertising. Vicary claimed to have conducted an experiment in which some 45,000 people attending screenings of the

  • Lockdown is possible for Malaysia as many are starting not to give a sh*t about coronavirus

    Malaysia has done a good job in flattening the coronavirus curve.

    Currently, the cases in the country have dropped too low double digits, but as days go by, the numbers don’t seem to be at zero.

    IMAGE: Rojak Daily

    In the past few days, there has been a fluctuation in numbers. The end of July, the country saw that numbers are slowly rising. It’s still hovering below 30 cases, but there’s still some worry on whether the country came out of lockdown too early.

    The issue also stems from Malaysians who are returning from overseas. While they are suppose to get a second test done after being quarantined, the Malaysian health-general Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said that 2,897 have not come forward and submitted their second coronavirus screening results.

    Some of these people could be potential carriers of the coronavirus.

    Now, the Malaysian government has mentioned that they would consider

  • OnePlus Nord review: the right compromises

    There’s been a lot of talk about how OnePlus seems to be going back to its roots with its latest phone, the OnePlus Nord. This is a brand that first made a name for itself by offering similar specs to competing flagships at a much lower price. But over the years, its prices have crept up and up, and its current £599 / $699 OnePlus 8 and £799 / $899 8 Pro aren’t far off its more established competitors.

    So it’s easy for the OnePlus Nord, with its starting price of £379 (around $484), to make it seem like OnePlus is going back to its roots. But since its flagship phones aren’t going anywhere, the midrange Nord is instead the next step in OnePlus expanding its lineup. OnePlus is stepping into a new era, not returning to an old one.

    That means OnePlus has had to make some tough decisions