• Your Income Predicts How Well You Can Socially Distance

    “It could also be that people in low-income communities just received different information, and they are following different sources of information. That may have been playing down the role of the pandemic early on,” says Weill. “And that’s especially true in the US, where the debate has been so heavily polarized.”

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    While the rich can easily stock up on essentials like food and medicine, those living paycheck to paycheck might have to pop over to the store more frequently as money comes in. And the rich might actually be exacerbating the problem for the poor if they are outsourcing or increasing their shopping, or relying more heavily on home delivery, because so many people with low incomes work in retail, warehouse, or delivery jobs. After all, when you order from Amazon or any other online seller, humans have to physically prepare your

  • 7 reasons why I f*cking love white sneakers, and why you should too

    When it comes to everyday clothing choice, everyone has different tastes and preferences.

    Some like to keep it dark, some like it a little brighter, and some like to stay in the happy middle ground.

    While the choice of clothing is up to individual preference, I’m a firm believer that white sneakers, whether trendy or not, are here to stay.

    If you’re not a fan of white sneakers, perhaps of their perceived proneness to getting dirty, or their child-like appearance, read on.

    Hopefully I can convince you to go out and get a pair yourself by the time you finish reading this story.

    If you’re on the fence about getting your first pair of white sneakers, then hopefully this story helps you decide.

    White sneakers, first and foremost, are a staple in every fashion-forward person’s closet or shoe rack. Much like their culinary counterpart, rice, white sneakers are common. They

  • Google plans to release a foldable Pixel in late 2021, according to leaked document

    A leaked internal Google document suggests that the company has earmarked the fourth quarter of next year for the release of a foldable Google Pixel phone, 9to5Google reports. The device, codenamed “Passport,” is said to be explicitly referred to as being “foldable,” and is included alongside a list of all Pixel devices going back to 2017’s Pixel 2.

    As well as the foldable Pixel, the document also mentions a “lower end mid year device” called the Pixel 5A with a “Q2 2021” release date, and two other devices codenamed “Raven” and “Oriole” for “Q4 2021.” 9to5Google speculates these could be Pixel 6 models. Finally there’s the Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5, which Google pre-announced alongside the Pixel 4A earlier this week. Officially these devices are due to launch in the fall, but the document suggests they could arrive in October, consistent with a separate report from 9to5Google.