• San Francisco Was Uniquely Prepared for Covid-19 

    Twitter execs realized they couldn’t afford to stand by until the science and official guidance were settled. “If we wait for enough data to present itself for a jurisdiction to make a confident decision,” Christie remembers thinking, “we might be too late for our own people.”

    On Wednesday, February 26, the executive team ordered every Twitter employee in Japan to begin working at home immediately. Two days later workers in Korea were told to stay home. A directive for the rest of the company’s staff wasn’t far behind. On Friday, the 28th, Christie stepped into a conference room with CEO Jack Dorsey and other executives. “We decided that on Monday we had to strongly encourage everybody to stay home,” she says.

    By the end of that week, Lyft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Salesforce had all followed Twitter’s example, and San Francisco discovered its first two cases of local residents with

  • 6,000 of Singapore Airlines staff have been on unpaid leaves since March 2020

    It’s been a rough year for the travel and entertainment industry.

    Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many airlines around the world have been significantly impacted.

    The latest is Singapore Airlines (SIA) whose staff, a whopping 6,000 of them, have been on unpaid leave since March, 2020. That’s close to six months at the time of writing this piece.

    Salary deductions and unpaid leaves.

    Singapore is also entering its worst recession ever.

    According to the Mothership.sg, the airline has taken several steps to mitigate the financial losses and among them include having around 22 percent of its staff to go on no-pay leave while the remaining face a 10 percent salary cut.

    Senior executives such as managers received salary deductions of between 12 to 35 percent while the CEO saw the largest cut in the company: 35 percent.

    The entire SIA board also agreed to accept a 30 percent cut

  • Nreal’s augmented reality glasses are shipping this month in Korea

    The Nreal Light mixed reality glasses are shipping in Korea alongside Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Note 20. LG Uplus will sell the glasses as a standalone device for 699,000KRW (around $586), and it’s bundling them with the Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet and a 5G data plan for 349,500KRW (around $295). Preorders open on August 11th, and the headsets will be available in stores on August 21st.

    The Nreal Light (also referred to as “U+ Real Glass”) is a light sunglasses-style headset that tethers to a separate computing device — in this case, the Galaxy Note 20. It uses spatial tracking and projected images to overlay apps onto the real world, and Nreal pitches it as a more spacious alternative to a smartphone when you’re watching videos, playing games, or reading websites. It’s promising to support Chrome, Facebook, and Instagram, among other apps, at launch.

    Nreal Light glasses consumer bundle

    The consumer retail version

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