• Facebook Is Unifying Messenger With Instagram DMs

    Facebook owns multiple communications apps. This includes Messenger, WhatsApp, and we suppose to a certain extent, Instagram through the direct messages feature. All of them exist by themselves, but back in 2019, it was suggested that Facebook was trying to find a way to potentially unify them where users could send messages cross-platform.

    Now according to a report from The Verge, it looks like that could already be happening between Instagram and Messenger. According to the publication, several of their editors across the country (which suggests that it might not necessarily be location-specific) have received an update screen when they opened Instagram informing them about a “new way to message” on the app.

    Upon being updated, it seems that the DM icon in the Instagram app has been replaced with the Messenger logo. However, it seems like it could possibly be an early test of sorts because at the moment,

  • A Landmark Math Proof Clears a Hurdle in the Top Erdős Conjecture

    A pair of mathematicians has solved the first chunk of one of the most famous conjectures about the additive properties of whole numbers. Proposed more than 60 years ago by the legendary Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős, the conjecture asks when an infinite list of whole numbers will be sure to contain patterns of at least three evenly spaced numbers, such as 26, 29 and 32.

    Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research develop­ments and trends in mathe­matics and the physical and life sciences.

    Erdős posed thousands of problems over the course of his career, but the question of which number lists contain evenly spaced numbers (what mathematicians call arithmetic progressions) was one of his all-time favorites. “I think many people regarded it as Erdős’ number-one problem,” said Timothy

  • Burn some paper masks to prevent your ancestors from catching COVID-19 in the afterlife

    The Hungry Ghost month is upon us and if you partake in Chinese customs and rituals you know what that means.

    It’s that time of the month where you may have to burn some paper money as per tradition in order to ensure your ancestors are living comfortably in the afterlife.

    But in a time where the coronavirus is still running amok, we need to make sure every one of us is safe.

    And that includes our ancestors.

    So imagine the surprise of one Chris Goh when he stumbled upon a joss paper shop in Singapore promoting paper face masks on sale for people to burn.

    IMAGE: Chris Goh

    But instead of freaking out over the new offering, Goh took it in stride.

    “Ghost month coming soon, anyone need mask can pm me,” he cheekily wrote in his post.

    The masks are being promoted as “ancestors masks” and are

  • Go Read This Washington Post report about race problems at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

    Facebook has come under heavy criticism over the past year for how the social media behemoth has fumbled its approach to civil rights issues on the platform. A recent audit found that despite recent steps to expand its policies and prohibit discrimination, Facebook continues to undermine its own progress.

    A new report from The Washington Post digs into the ways the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the philanthropic organization founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, pediatrician Priscilla Chan, has fallen short of many of its stated goals as well. CZI is a separate entity from Facebook, but Black employees of CZI say that particularly when it comes to issues of racial justice, company leadership makes too many compromises.

    Some Black employees say that their voices have been marginalized and their expertise discounted. They also say the CZI’s grant-making has left Black leaders and Black communities unsupported.

    A group

  • Communication

    Biotechnology is the science which combines biology with know-how that is getting used rampantly in pharmaceutical sector. Most individuals acknowledge this type of intuitive communication as a shared language that develops over time among people in intimate relationships. british columbia institute of technology We accept it as completely pure—but solely between humans. It appears a bit farfetched—or, at the least, untimely—that machines may also have the ability to acknowledge the intent behind a subtly raised eyebrow and respond in contextually applicable methods. Biotechnology will turn into as common as having a cellphone or going online. There’s going to be a fair larger number of biotech corporations, both huge and small, together with an rising number of enterprise corporations.

    This is the story of how I acquired my money back after a business ripped me off and refused to provide me a refund. I did this using guerrilla ways to wreck …

  • Sumerian Gods From Nibiru

    Over the previous few many years, expertise has grown at an exponential fee offering trendy society with many of it is creature comforts. USDA supports the secure and acceptable use of science and know-how, together with biotechnology, to help meet agricultural challenges and consumer needs of the 21st century. USDA plays a key function in assuring that biotechnology plants and merchandise derived from these vegetation are protected to be grown and used in the United States. could we live without technology As soon as these crops and products enter commerce, USDA helps bringing these and other merchandise to the worldwide market. John Carroll the Edward Frymoyer Chair Professor of Info Sciences and Technology on the Pennsylvania State University says that the discipline of Human Pc Interplay was born (or perhaps emerged” is a better word) in 1980 as all these separate disciplines started to realign round a single objective; making …