• New Data on How Many Kids Got That Covid Mystery Illness

    Other reports rolled in—a death in France, a cluster in Italy—and in the US, the CDC put together what had been observed of the unusual condition and asked physicians to report cases that matched to state health departments. Coming up with a case definition is a first step in conducting surveillance for what might be a new disease. With it, the CDC learned by mid-May of more than 100 US kids with the condition, three of whom had died.

    On August 7, the agency updated those numbers. As of the end of July, 570 US kids had experienced that constellation of shock, heart problems, and gastrointestinal problems; had blood work that indicated inflammation was going on in their bodies; and were positive for Covid-19. Many of them were seriously ill: 364 needed to be treated in an ICU, and 10 died. In many of them, several organs—heart, lungs, kidneys and

  • 42 million WhatsApp messages are sent in 1 minute. Guess how many people make video calls?

    At this point, who’s not on a social media platform?

    Based on a report released by Domo titled ‘Data Never Sleeps’, roughly 59 percent of planet Earth’s population is on some kind of social media platform.

    Since the rise of social media, which started in the early 2010s, the number of users increased by 1.5 billion, and the current number stands at 4.57 billion. A six percent increase from January 2019.

    Based on the report, in 2020, Spotify adds 28 tracks to its catalogue and TikTok is installed 2,704 times each minute.

    Job hunting has also increased as they have seen 69,444 job applications each minute.

    Then comes social media. WhatsApp users send close to 42 million messages every minute. While YouTube gets 500 hours of new videos uploaded. As for Facebook, users share 150,000 messages and upload 147,000 photos all in a minute.

    But perhaps the biggest

  • Gmail, Docs, Drive, and more Google services hit by widespread disruption

    A number of Google services including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Groups, Chat, Keep and Voice are experiencing service disruptions, the company is reporting on its G Suite Status Dashboard.

    We’ve verified that file uploads are failing across Google’s services, including uploading attachments in Gmail to both personal and G Suite gmail accounts. In some cases trying to simply compose a new email or a reply fails.

    Google first said it was investigating issues with Gmail at 1:29AM ET. It later provided official confirmation of a range of issues:

    Gmail sending issues, Meet recording issues, Creating files issues in Drive, CSV user upload issues in Admin Console, Posting message issues in Google Chat, Sites adding new pages issues, Keep issues, Voice mail issues

    As of 4:38AM ET Google says its investigation is ongoing, and that it intends to provide an update by 5:38AM ET with details of when the problem

  • Why Know-how Really Makes Us Extra Human

    Biotechnology is outlined as the commercial exploitation of living organisms or the exploitation of elements derived from these organisms. Scientists have been attempting to clone animals for a really long time. Lots of the early attempts got here to nothing. could we live without technology The first pretty profitable results in animal cloning were seen when tadpoles had been cloned from frog embryonic cells. This was executed by the process of nuclear switch. The tadpoles so created didn’t survive to grow into mature frogs, however it was a major breakthrough however. A robust scientific, technological and innovation base in biotechnology will support European industries securing leadership on this key enabling expertise. This place can be additional strengthened by integrating the security evaluation and administration elements of the overall dangers within the deployment of biotechnology.

    Voice use circumstances are proliferating in warehouse, customer service, and, notably, in field operation deployments where …