• Why Hurricane Laura’s Storm Surge Could Be ‘Unsurvivable’

    Having strengthened with astonishing speed into a Category 4 storm Wednesday, Hurricane Laura will make landfall in Texas and Louisiana sometime early Thursday morning. With the landfall comes a dreaded storm surge—a rise in water level generated by a storm—that scientists say could spread seawater up to 30 miles inland, an inundation the National Hurricane Center just called “unsurvivable.”

    The surge will be particularly dangerous along the coast, but it will remain a threat as the water moves inland. “You have very large currents, very large and dangerous waves pretty far inland along the immediate coastline,” says Brian Zachry, Joint Hurricane Testbed director at the National Hurricane Center. “And if you’re talking about a surge of 15 to 20 feet with very large waves, you just can’t survive that.”

    “Even if you go inland,” Zachry adds, “as water gets over the tops of banks of rivers and other

  • You can buy Fairphone’s new handset or just its cameras as an upgrade

    Fairphone, the sustainable smartphone manufacturer that tries to make easily repairable devices using responsibly sourced materials, has announced its latest handset. The Fairphone 3 Plus is an upgraded version of last year’s Fairphone 3 with improved cameras and speakers. More interestingly, though, if you already bought last year’s phone and don’t want to upgrade to a whole new handset, then Fairphone’s modular design means you can purchase the new camera module on its own and install it into your existing phone.

    The Fairphone 3 Plus will cost €469 (about $550) when it releases on September 14th, but buying the upgraded cameras on their own as a modular upgrade will cost €94.90 (about $111). (Fairphone is offering an introductory price of €70 (about $80) until the end of September.) Although buying the upgraded cameras on their own is cheaper, it’s not about saving money. Instead, it’s meant to stop people from

  • Breaking news: Malaysia just created Nasi Lemak ice cream and Pandan Dodol ice cream

    I’ve got a question to ask you and I hope it’s not personal: Do you enjoy eating ice cream after having a hearty meal of nasi lemak?

    If you do, well I’ve got great news. Two Malaysian companies have partnered up to bring you Nasi Lemak ice cream and Pandan Dodol ice cream.

    No, this is not fake news (though, yes, it is a slow day for news).

    Malaysian ice-cream artisan Crème De La Crème (CDLC) and food outlet Santan teamed up to create these two unique ice cream flavors in conjunction with Malaysia’s 63rd independence day.

    Look at that, ice cream with sambal. IMAGE: Santan.

    “(The Nasi Lemak ice cream) seeks to replicate the signature taste profile of Santan’s famous Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak sambal by using the same chilli paste, swirled into a luxurious, creamy coconut-based ice-cream topped with crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts,” the press release reads.

  • How At the moment’s Society Impacts Our Families

    Technology is the vitality that drives our lives. Since fiscal 2011, Hitachi Group has been cooperating with The Science Museum in Tokyo to encourage children’s interest in science in an enjoyable manner utilizing the know-how and knowledge that Hitachi Group has cultivated through expertise of producing. In a contemporary definition, it is related to the genetic info of living organisms, known as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Biotechnology explains and helps the transformation of those so-referred to as nature’s codes. bannari amman institute of technology They are decoded via modification of its sequences; encoded by addition of recent sequences or the erasure of specific genes. In these ways, the characteristics or options of the organisms are changed.

    5: Two hundred years ago demise price among kids was very high. In those days seven out of eight infants died earlier than their first birthday. Now with the help of vaccines, medications and correct …