• Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Drunk-Walking

    The cartoon archetype of a drunk person is a disheveled mess, with droopy eyelids, an erratic gait, and bubbles coming off their head—for some reason. If only it were so easy to tell if someone’s blitzed out of their mind. If a cop pulls you over, they can only objectively determine intoxication on the roadside with a breathalyzer: In the lungs, ethanol is transferred from the blood into air, so the device can detect alcohol in your exhalation. Even then, one person at the US federal legal driving limit of .08 breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) might act perfectly normal, while another person would be trying unsuccessfully to fish a slice of pizza out of a gutter.

    But scientists are working on what might be a new way to determine intoxication, by returning to a stereotypical characteristic of the drunk that’s actually true: that soused walk. No matter how well

  • Xbox Series S: $299 price with 512GB of storage, 1440p gaming, and more

    Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox Series S console leaked earlier today, just before the company officially confirmed its $299 pricing. Now a new leak is providing more details on exactly what’s inside the smaller Xbox Series S. Twitter leaker WalkingCat has posted a promotional video for the Series S, confirming that the console is targeting 120fps gaming at up to 1440p resolution and offering 512GB of storage.

    The Xbox Series S will also include support for ray tracing, variable rate shading, and variable refresh rate. Microsoft is also including support for 4K media streaming, and even 4K upscaling for games. The video also reveals the Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever, and it will be 60 percent smaller than the bigger Xbox Series X.

    The 512GB storage could be a challenge given modern games regularly exceed the 100GB mark, but it’s still possible the Xbox Series S will

  • NASA releases wallpaper-worthy images of our universe and they’re mesmerizing

    There’s just something so grounding about stargazing. Most of the time, it reminds us that we’re just tiny specks of dust on a planet and our worries are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    Other times, it reminds us that there’s a greater world out there worth exploring. NASA’s latest post is a case in point that the universe is a gift that keeps on giving. You just have to know where to look.

    On it’s social media outlets, NASA has recently released some stunning and incomprehensible images of the universe. This includes galaxies, remnants of supernovas and planetary nebulas.

    The images were processed by its ‘Chandra X-ray Observatory’ aka the world’s most powerful X-ray telescope.

    These images aren’t really representative of what the human eye can perceive as they’ve been put together using data from Chandra and other resources.

    Let’s go through some of the images:

    Helix Nebula