• Mental Health in the US is Suffering—Will It Go Back to Normal?

    Pies, however, sees it differently. He points out that even a contingent response to a specific situation can constitute a major health concern. “Consider this scenario,” he writes. “An elderly hiker with stable but underlying heart disease has a heart attack when a 12-foot grizzly bear suddenly appears in front of him. This poor fellow may have had an ‘understandable’ or even a ‘predictable’ response to the bear—but a heart attack is a heart attack!”

    The debate about whether or not causes of emotional distress should be taken into account when making a psychiatric diagnosis is not new. It raged in the pages of academic and mass media publications as the DSM-5—or, more formally, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which guides clinicians in diagnosing every disorder—moved toward its ultimate publication in 2013. The previous edition had included a “bereavement exclusion” for major depressive disorder, which stipulated that

  • Trump’s latest attack on Section 230 is really about censoring speech

    One aspect of the 2020 presidential campaign that isn’t much discussed is the fact that both candidates want to end the internet as we know it. Both President Trump and Joe Biden have called for the end of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects tech companies in most cases when their users post something illegal on their platforms.

    Trump brought the subject up today when a Twitter account with fewer than 200 followers posted an obviously doctored image of Senate Majority Mitch McConnell dressed up in Soviety military garb, with the caption reading “Moscow Mitch.”

    “Why does Twitter leave phony pictures like this up, but take down Republican/Conservative pictures and statements that are true?” the president wanted to know. “Mitch must fight back and repeal Section 230, immediately. Stop biased Big Tech before they stop you!”

    He then tagged Republican senators Marsha Blackburn and Josh

  • Here’s how you can stop Facebook from notifying you to watch annoying live videos

    You’re scrolling mindlessly on Facebook on your laptop when all of a sudden a notification pops up.

    Someone is live now and wants you to watch their live-stream. You click on it and it’s a sales gimmick.

    Welcome to Facebook 2020. Though the layout has changed, everything else remains the same.

    In a day, I’ve counted more than 10 notifications popping up and in Facebook’s term “poking” me to watch live-videos.

    Though some of these videos are important, such as the World Health Organization’s (WHO) updates on COVID-19, everything else doesn’t really relate to me. So why bother?

    If you’re annoyed and tired of these notifications, here’s how you can remove these live-notifications on Facebook’s latest layout.

    On your smartphone.

    STEP 1: Tap on the burger menu (circled in blue).
    STEP 2: Scroll all the way down to ‘Settings & Privacy’ and tap on ‘Settings’.
    STEP 3: Scroll to ‘Notifications’
  • What Is The Finest Definition Of Expertise? Know-how Is Changing Human Staff With Mechanical Or

    We live in a extremely sophisticated world where every little thing is sort of achievable. bannari amman institute of technology The dominance of knowledge and communication know-how as a key driver of human socio-economic growth is natural. It’s a mechanism that’s independent if the framework is in place without any bias. International locations, communities and people that have embraced this phenomenon will stay in the entrance line for a few years to come back if not tending to infinity. Biotechnologists discover employment in rewarding jobs across the rising ‘good financial system’, including industries resembling biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics, healthcare, and the environment. Employment alternatives are also accessible in research and instructing.

    Students often compete within the Sanofi-Pasteur Healthcare & Biotechnology Enterprise Problem. It is a distinctive opportunity for Biotechnology and Schulich MBA college students to create business plans to get merchandise out of the lab and on to the market. In 2010, …