• The Bay Area Just Turned Orange. All Eyes Are on PurpleAir

    There are a few very good reasons why the BAAQMD’s devices sacrifice speed for accuracy, and for using a system that calibrates with what environmental agencies across the nation are using. “When the EPA, the federal government, makes decisions about air quality on a national level, they can say with some level of confidence that the network in New York is giving you the same type of information as a network in the Bay Area,” says Michael Flagg, principal air quality specialist at the BAAQMD.

    This data has to hold up in court when, say, the government needs to prove a company is polluting a given area. Accordingly, the feds have strict policies in place for these AQI-testing machines. “They have to meet certain EPA siting requirements: They have to be greater than 10 meters away from trees. They have to have unobstructed airflow,” says Flagg. “And also the regulatory

  • Instagram is testing three new designs to make room for Reels and shopping

    One reason I enjoy writing a column about the intersection between big technology platforms and democracy is that on most days, it feels like one of the most important things in the world. But on this strangest of days in San Francisco, where wildfires up and down the west coast blotted out the sun and gave the town the eerie feel of permanent midnight, it was hard to pay the usual attention to my beat. My colleague Vjeran Pavic flew a drone over Sutro Tower this morning and captured the surreal imagery. The word “apocalypse” gets thrown around with truly unfortunate frequency these days, but on Wednesday nothing else really fit.

    Distracting as the orange sky outside my window has been, I had one fascinating thing to occupy my attention: a conversation I had on Tuesday with Adam Mosseri, the person who leads Instagram. The occasion was an announcement

  • These cute dinosaurs can double as office tools and bring out the kid in you at work

    Work can be monotonous and even boring at times but it shouldn’t mean that you can’t spice things up once in a while.

    Many of us grew up watching Jurassic Park but our obsession with dinosaurs didn’t end there. Some of us even read and watched tons of books and shows about these pre-historic creatures.

    So to bring joy to the kid in us (and hopefully increase our productivity), Malaysian pewter manufacturer and retailer Royal Selangor recently released an adorable miniature collection featuring many iconic dinosaurs.

    Imagine having these cute dinosaurs at your workstation. IMAGE: Royal Selangor.

    The collection, named ‘Saurus’, also doubles as playful tabletop office tools.

    Stegosaurus card holder. IMAGE: Royal Selangor

    Take the Stegosaurus for example. Its bony plates and prickly spikes protect business

    Triceratops compartment. IMAGE: Royal Selangor.

    The Triceratops on the other hand might seem pugnacious, but that’s
    just outside appearances hiding a

  • 30 Scary Web sites That Will Critically Disturb And Creep You Out

    With most individuals plugged in on a regular basis, I often marvel what effect expertise is having on our children. Within three years, Muta says, Delta will explore extra applied sciences to intelligently work together with clients and employees, to help Delta higher interact by means of the travel expertise by additional mobilizing the workforce, and selling consistent messaging. Delta’s people and their famend service will stay on the core of the airline’s success because it explores the right way to leverage extra functions of synthetic intelligence—together with laptop vision, machine learning, predictive analytics, and optimization. Muta is confident that the best way Delta is approaching innovation and leveraging biometrics and facial recognition will set a regular not just for Delta but for the industry as a whole. As for the Terminal F biometrics, Delta is drawing the industry’s blueprint for the biometric customer expertise of the longer term while …

  • Applied sciences Privateness & Phrases Google

    Science has superior to a really giant extent and has touched our lives in each manner. In at the moment’s society, we own smart telephones, iPads, computers, and many other types of know-how as a way of communication. For example, if you happen to dwell in a downtown space or close to a principal prepare station, you will see that the station uses televisions to broadcast changes in the train schedule. These TELEVISION’s are used to speak to coach passengers if there has been a change of their schedule which is necessary data to speak to passengers. can be categorized as a use of plasma in technology As well as, computers and iPads can be used to send vital emails to mates or colleagues, ship photos, and any other message that you want to get across. Smartphones are pretty much everything multi function the place you possibly can text, email, …