• How Does a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-Sized Crowd Affect Covid? It’s Complicated

    “Both policymakers and voters need to know that we still cannot answer most basic questions about this pandemic with the tools we have on hand,” says Douglass, who has been a vocal Twitter critic of the type of studies like the one published this week about Sturgis, and has coauthored a forthcoming paper on similar shortcomings in the rapidly ballooning Covid literature. And he’s not alone. Other scientists also worry that the rush to use bad or incomplete data to provide answers, any answers, on the effects of large gatherings will ultimately do little to bring an end to the pandemic. And, in fact, they think it may do more harm than having no answers at all.

    “Look, these are really pressing questions we need to sort out,” says Asish Jha, a physician, health researcher, and recently appointed dean of the Brown University School of Public Health. “We need

  • Microsoft hid the Xbox Series S in plain sight and nobody noticed

    The Xbox Series S might have leaked earlier this week before being officially unveiled, but Microsoft was hiding it in plain sight months ago. Xbox chief Phil Spencer appeared in multiple interviews in July, ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox games showcase, and he hid an Xbox Series S on the shelves behind him.

    The official Xbox account revealed the elaborate prank today, and Spencer added that the Xbox Series S appeared in at least three YouTube video interviews during July. While it might sound surprising for an unannounced console to be hidden in videos, Microsoft has a habit of hiding secrets and codes as teasers ahead of its console announcements.

    Microsoft teased its Xbox One X console with a bunch of videos that hinted at its 6 teraflops of GPU performance ahead of E3 in 2017. The company also teased the Xbox Series X, under the codename Scarlett, in E3

  • HBO Max’s ‘Harley Quinn’ cartoon is the sillier, gorier ‘Birds of Prey’ you didn’t know you needed

    If you’re not sold on Harley Quinn the first time Bane walks into a scene, then maybe the show isn’t for you.

    The HBO Max-hosted animated series is actually about the post-breakup escapades of Quinn, the Joker’s former lieutenant-slash-love interest rediscovering life as an uncoupled woman. But Bane’s portrayal is extra-special: The big, hulking brute speaks in a strained whine that is clearly meant as a knock on Tom Hardy’s ridiculous voice in The Dark Knight Rises.

    In a show that already presents a comic take on Gotham City and its trademark rogue’s gallery, Bane stands out. He’s a hulking, vengeful brute who’s also the Legion of Doom’s perennial doormat. He may not be the brightest, but he’s increasingly shown to have great emotional depth. His greatest nemesis may be frozen yogurt shop’s cashier (who doesn’t work Wednesdays).

    There’s a dichotomy in Bane’s portrayal – evil and villainous, but

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