• Mathematicians Open a New Front on an Ancient Number Problem

    As a high school student in the mid-1990s, Pace Nielsen encountered a mathematical question that he’s still struggling with to this day. But he doesn’t feel bad: The problem that captivated him, called the odd perfect number conjecture, has been around for more than 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest unsolved problems in mathematics.

    Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research develop­ments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.

    Part of this problem’s long-standing allure stems from the simplicity of the underlying concept: A number is perfect if it is a positive integer, n, whose divisors add up to exactly twice the number itself, 2n. The first and simplest example is 6, since its divisors—1, 2, 3, and 6—add up

  • A faster Wi-Fi 6 Eero is coming

    Amazon’s home networking company Eero could be about to launch its first routers with support for Wi-Fi 6, according to a pair of leaks. ZatzNotFunny reports that two devices — a Eero 6 Gateway and Eero 6 Extender — have hit the FCC, and has also posted an image of a third device’s box, the Eero Pro 6.

    Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of the Wi-Fi standard and it delivers faster speeds and better support for more devices connecting to a single router. Eero is adding support for the new standard a little later than some of its competitors, who had Wi-Fi 6 products available last year. However, this year the prices of Wi-Fi 6 routers have started hitting more mainstream price points and are now much more widely available.

    The router’s label published by the FCC.
    Image: FCC

    A photo of one of the devices appears

  • With this air-conditioned walkway, Malaysians won’t break a sweat when entering Singapore

    Despite the very public feud that Malaysians and Singaporeans have with each other, it’s not hard to admit that both countries rely on each other for a multitude of things that benefit their respective economies.

    And when it comes to the Malaysia-Singapore border, it seems that Malaysians and Singaporeans are just so inseparable to the point of wanting to build a pedestrian walkway straddling the Causeway.

    But this isn’t just some regular pedestrian walkway.


    According to Public Works, Infrastructure, and Transport Committee Chairman for the Malaysian state of Johor, Mohd Solihan Badri, Malaysia is looking to build an air-conditioned walkway that will stretch 350 meters along the Malaysian side of the Causeway.

    The Johor state government has even requested US$7.2 million (RM30 million) in funding from the Federal Government to pay for the walkway.

    Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur are more than familiar with air-conditioned walkways, like this
  • Biotechnology And Organic Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

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