• Antarctic Glaciers Are Growing Unstable Above and Below Water

    That study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concludes that understanding how the ice field ruptures as it moves across the bedrock is vital to understanding when this collapse might occur. In addition to identifying the weak points in the glacier, Lhermitte and colleagues created a computer model to predict how such cracking and buckling could affect other Antarctic glaciers in the future.

    Lhermitte says the goal of this model was not to predict the exact date when Thwaites will collapse. That’s next to impossible right now, because there are too many other unknown factors to consider, such as the pace of climate change that is warming both the air and water temperature around the glaciers, as well as the movement of ocean currents around Antarctica. (A 2014 study published in the journal Science by University of Washington scientists used satellite data and numerical

  • TikTok’s deal with Oracle is a bet that Trump will cave on concerns over China

    On the eve of the deadline for ByteDance to sell TikTok, there was much movement and little certainty. The whole thing seemed to come down to three words — “trusted tech partner” — and no one I’ve spoken to seems to know what they mean.

    The most recent events were set in motion on Sunday afternoon, when ByteDance announced that it had rejected Microsoft’s bid to acquire TikTok in favor of an extremely vague partnership with a 43-year-old enterprise software company. The gist seems to be that Oracle would store American TikTok users’ data and keep it secure, but the app itself would continue to be owned and operated by ByteDance.

    It could also include voting control over by TikTok by its US-based investors, the New York Times reported. Oracle and Walmart are both separately negotiating for stakes in TikTok’s American business, according to CNBC,

  • Cambodia might be a poor nation but esports could make it wealthy. Here’s how.

    Cambodia has certainly come a long way since its deadly civil war which happened between 11 March 1967 to 17 April 1975.

    45 years later, much of the effects of the war still lingers. The country, though in recent years have been seeing an impressive growth economically, still battles with poverty.

    The Southeast Asian nation is ranked 14th overall in the world’s poorest countries and it comes in second after Myanmar as the region’s financially impoverished. According to Asian Development Bank’s report from 2018, 12.9 percent of Cambodians live in poverty.

    But there’s still hope.

    Cellcard CEO Ian Watson in the middle. IMAGE: Cellcard.

    Despite the gloomy outlook, Cambodians are hardy people. The nation is now looking to go fully digital within this decade.

    The company that’s paving the path to make this dream become a reality is Cambodia’s first local telco company, Cellcard.

    Speaking to Mashable Southeast Asia, Cellcard’s

  • Applied sciences Privacy & Terms Google

    A lot has been discussed and written about data and communication technologies (ICTs) being a potential panacea for the difficulty that each one sectors of society have in accessing every kind of knowledge. Uniquely human strengths are wanted to leverage technological computational powers. do you mean by information technology At this time’s leaders need to grasp the right way to rent the very best talent and develop onboarding protocols that seamlessly absorb that talent into an modern and inclusive tradition. Profitable leaders create a culture of innovation that brings the perfect from its folks. They construct trust in a company’s AI methods by verifying and looking out beneath the hood” of algorithms They create a symbiosis between individuals and expertise that permits everybody to thrive.

    Alignment with country strategy. Rising access to larger education, especially with technology focus and business demand, is a priority in the authorities’s medium-term development technique …