• If You’ve Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease

    From the images of cloudy chest scans and gasping patients hooked up to ventilators, we’ve been conditioned to think of Covid-19 as a respiratory disease. But it’s not just about the lungs. Even from the early days of the pandemic, doctors were finding that a novel coronavirus infection could ravage other parts of the body, including the brain, blood vessels, and heart. Data from initial outbreaks in China, New York City, and Washington state suggested that 20 to 30 percent of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 showed signs of cardiac injury.

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    Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

    Here’s all the WIRED coverage in one place, from how to keep your children entertained to how this outbreak is affecting the economy. 

    That these patients tended to get sicker and died more often than patients without cardiac complications didn’t set off immediate alarm bells. These were, after all,

  • VanMoof interview: S3 e-bike issues and new $40m mobile service network

    VanMoof just announced $40 million in new outside investment to capitalize on the surging global demand for electric bikes. Importantly, VanMoof’s co-founders, Ties and Taco Carlier, tell The Verge that about a third of that new money will be directed at solving VanMoof customer support issues that have intensified with the launch of the company’s new S3 and X3 e-bikes in the middle of a global pandemic.

    “Over the next six to twelve months, we’ll have upgraded every step of the customer journey, from production to scheduling check-ups. Getting a VanMoof e-bike serviced will be as easy as ordering a meal online,” promises Taco in a prepared statement announcing the new investment round.

    VanMoof co-founder Taco Carlier next to an X3.
    Image: VanMoof

    I caught up with the Dutch brothers over Zoom on Monday to better understand two things: what’s being done to address the quality and delivery issues that

  • These Bluetooth headphones sound good and won’t kill your wallet

    We’re living in an age where it’s beneficial to go wireless. Be it your mouse, keyboard, or even displays. This sudden move to wireless could be traced back to when Apple decided that a headphone jack is not for the cool kids and offered you an absurdly priced wireless earphones.

    Of course, other phone brands decided to follow the footsteps of Apple, and they too decided headphone jacks are not cool anymore.

    Suddenly, you find yourself using more Bluetooth audio devices. When this movement started, I found that wired audio devices were still superior. But wireless technology has caught up significantly to the point where you don’t need to splurge US$300 to get good sounding wireless headphones.

    One such device is the Edifier W820BT, affordable wireless earphones that will not force you to eat uncooked rice for a month.

    It’s a simple and professional-looking headphone.

    IMAGE: Tarvin Gill / Mashable
  • Nationwide Institute Of Requirements And Know-how

    The sphere of biotechnological is huge, and it’s typically arduous to keep observe of biotechnological advances. bannari amman institute of technology The idea of dystopia is usually used within the more philosophical sort of science fiction, akin to George Orwell’s famous e-book 1984, or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. These fictional works attempt to discover the true developments operating on this planet and real future possibilities by exaggerating them, taking them to the intense finish of the spectrum, in order to explore the full vary of their implications for our lives. Though a pure dystopia, like a pure utopia, might be unlikely to occur, they will serve to spotlight real dangers which could become (or already are) an actual a part of our lives, in addition to to make clear the hazard of catastrophic occasions.

    Although we will say that the changes and updates within the discipline of accounting …