• What’s in Wildfire Smoke, and How Dangerous Is It?

    By the time it reaches the East Coast, a California smoke plume will have changed in a number of ways: Because it’s spent so much time aloft, the bigger particles have fallen out, but new particles will have formed. And because the cloud has spawned ozone, “it can be extremely impactful if you already have some health condition, let’s say asthma,” says Tarik Benmarhnia, a climate change epidemiologist at the UC San Diego’s Scripps institution of Oceanography and School of Medicine.

    The solid stuff in wildfire smoke may also contain nasties. “Some particulate matter has more heavy metals than others,” says Mary Prunicki, director of air pollution and health research at Stanford University’s Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy Research. “Lead for example, or cadmium. There’s also other types of cancer-causing toxins. There’s things like PAHs—polyaromatic hydrocarbons,” which are found in fossil fuels. Keep in mind that when a wildfire

  • Apple will launch its online store in India on September 23rd

    Apple will launch its online store in India on September 23rd, giving customers in India a way to buy Apple products directly from the company for the first time.

    “We’re proud to be expanding in India and want to do all we can to support our customers and their communities,” said Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people Deirdre O’Brien said in a statement. “We know our users are relying on technology to stay connected, engage in learning, and tap into their creativity, and by bringing the Apple Store online to India, we are offering our customers the very best of Apple at this important time.”

  • What are ‘squatting schools’ and why is it a problem for Malaysia’s students and teachers?

    This story is brought to you by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

    Ask any Malaysian on the street about the country’s education system, there’s bound to be many areas that they feel can be improved.

    For many educators, parents, and even students, the core issue when it comes to revamping the nation’s education system centres around a common theme: It’s outdated.

    Specifically, the current system in place focuses on meeting the needs and requirements of industries. Instead of cultivating a children’s area of interest and love for learning, students are taught to compete.

    However, baby steps have to be taken by improving the smaller issues first. These small issues, if left unresolved, can hamper the nation’s progress in overhauling its education system which many feel can be efficient.

    Among the problems that the Malaysian education system faces are ‘squatting schools’.

    Squatting schools pose a logistic and organizational nightmare for teachers.