• How to Watch Tesla’s Battery Day Event—and What to Expect

    On Tuesday afternoon, Elon Musk will hold court at Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, for the company’s much-hyped Battery Day. Details of what Musk will announce are scarce, but earlier this month the outspoken CEO tweeted that “many exciting things will be unveiled” and that the event “will be very insane.” Musk also promised a tour of Tesla’s “cell production system” at the factory. Some industry analysts expect that the company will reveal major improvements in its battery technology and details about its plans to expand its production facilities in the US. But until Musk takes the stage on Tuesday, it’s all speculation.

    There are some hints about what Tesla has been working on in the battery department, though. At the company’s Autonomy Day event in early 2019, Musk said that the company was working on a battery pack for its vehicles that would last for a

  • Cynicism suggests that the TikTok deal will go through

    Mark Twain is credited with first saying that if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes. The TikTok deal has followed a similar schedule.

    On Friday, President Trump said downloads of TikTok would be banned from mobile app stores on Sunday, potentially preventing users from receiving critical security updates.

    On Saturday, Trump said he supported Oracle’s bid to acquire a stake in TikTok and oversee some of its operations, and extended the ban date to September 27th. As part of the deal, he said, the companies involved had agreed to contribute $5 billion for “patriotic education.”

    On Sunday, everyone involved took a well deserved rest. And as Monday dawned, everything went to hell.

    Everyone agrees that Oracle and Walmart have bought a combined 20 percent of TikTok. But the remaining 80 percent appears to be up for grabs. Here are

  • The Thai authorities had this plaque removed. Here’s why they’re not a fan.

    A plaque laid into the ground by pro-democracy Thai protestors near the Grand Palace in Bangkok was mysteriously removed less than 24 hours after it was installed.

    The plaque symbolizes the country’s transition to democracy and that Thailand is for the people and by the people.

    It was installed to replace the original one that was ripped out about three years ago, when Thai protestors called for electoral and monarchy reform.

    IMAGE: Free Malaysia Today

    The recent youth-led protests were in full swing on 19 September 2020, when thousands showed up in the Bangkok rain to call for democracy and equality.

    One popular protest slogan is “let it end with our generation.”

    What do they want? Well to name a few things, the dissolution of parliament and getting rid of laws that harass those who criticise the monarchy and government.

    Protestors are simply tired of the never-ending coups that

  • That means Of Expertise And Its Use

    A new era of science has begun. ServiceNow makes work, work better for people. Transforming old, guide ways of working into trendy digital workflows, so staff and prospects get what they want, once they need it — quick, simple, straightforward. When people work better, business works better. Biotechnology in growing international locations. Awards: The Biotechnology program is a repeat recipient of the Centennial Faculty President’s Educational Program Recognition Award for Outstanding Scholar Satisfaction. In 2005, the 12th European Biotechnology Congress will use 4 biotech motors: white (industrial); red (pharmaceutical), inexperienced (food and feed) and blue (surroundings) in ‘Bringing Genomes to Life’ in Denmark.

    Biotechnology has provided law enforcement professionals with another approach of placing a suspect on the scene of a criminal offense. Techniques of biotechnology are utilized in agriculture, industrial purposes, forensics, manufacturing and other industries. At the moment, small start-up corporations and multinational companies use biotechnology within the …