• Sumerian Gods From Nibiru

    Biotech corporations are those that make use of biotechnology for producing items and services. The developments within the area of biotechnology are taking place at a tremendously fast charge. One such improvement within the area of biotechnology pertains to the immune system of people. With the assistance of biotechnological strategies, researchers have found a selected degree of Cytotoxicity (the diploma of toxicity) in the human body. The University of Glasgow has forty Worldwide Leadership Scholarships out there to worldwide (non-EU) college students beginning a postgraduate taught Masters programme in any discipline in September. The scholarship is awarded as a tuition fees low cost.

    Microchips do not denote evil. They are merely the progression of the human development of expertise. Within the bible, they wrote on tablets – a contemporary human expertise at the time – that did not make it evil. I’ll wager many had been against writing on tablets …

  • Why Is It So Hard to Study Covid-Related Smell Loss?

    In March, scientists in the United Kingdom started to notice an unexpected phenomenon. Alongside a fever, dry cough, and general malaise, Covid-19 patients were also reporting a sudden and alarming symptom: They couldn’t smell anything. Anecdotal evidence shared on medical message boards from physicians in Iran, France, Italy, and the United States all described a sharp rise in anosmia, or the inability to smell. In Germany at that time, more than two out of three positive cases were anosmic.

    Given all of these reports, ENT UK, the professional group that represents ear, nose, and throat specialists in the United Kingdom, recommended that people who suddenly lose their sense of smell isolate for seven days. In a joint letter, Claire Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society, and Nirmal Kumar, president of ENT UK, wrote that anosmia “could potentially be used as a screening tool to help identify otherwise

  • Cowboy 3 electric bike review: better safe than sporty

    Cowboy has returned with its third-generation e-bike. It’s still the best-looking pedal-assisted electric bike with a removable battery that I’ve ever seen having carried forward the same physical design as the original Cowboy. While the Cowboy 2 from last year was sporty, the Cowboy 3 is mature, focusing on safety rather than fun.

    The Cowboy 3 is fitted with a variety of safety features including automatic crash detection, a slower top speed, and new puncture-resistant tires of Cowboy design. Version three, like the previous model, also has integrated lighting, with a rear light that flashes red when braking. And believe it or not, Cowboy’s finally making fenders.

    It’s as if this Belgian startup wants to become the Volvo of e-bikes. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • Looking to hire an influencer? There’s an app for that and it’s made in Malaysia.

    If you’re looking to hire an influencer, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll never be able to find them on LinkedIn unless if you’re looking for a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) which is essentially a more sophisticated version of an influencer.

    And even if you do get in touch with them on Facebook or Instagram, chances are they wouldn’t be able to respond to you in the sea of messages they get on a daily basis. This, of course, depends on their popularity.

    Dropping them an email might work but again, it’s a 50-50 chance especially if the influencer or talent gets over 100 of emails daily. Which they most likely do.

    Modello might solve your problem.

    IMAGE: Modello.

    This Malaysian-made app is a platform for you to discover talents and influencers for short-term engagements such as events, gigs, concerts, video shoots, and more.

    Essentially the platform serves as a bridge