• Some Cities Are Plotting a ‘Green Recovery’ After Covid-19

    This story originally appeared on The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    The cars that typically throng the huge highways weaving through Los Angeles are such an established part of the city’s fabric that when the coronavirus pandemic hit, their sudden absence felt bizarre to locals, even eerie. But many Angelenos have now discovered a new sort of relationship with their streets.

    “People have felt they own their neighborhood again, they feel connected to it again,” Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti told The Guardian in reference to streets that have reduced traffic, or even had it closed off, as offices, retailers, and restaurants shut down.

    Garcetti added: “People started walking in their neighborhood, biking, rollerskating. I think out of this pandemic you will see dozens of streets keeping it this way.”

    Los Angeles is just one of a number of US cities now plotting a comeback

  • Go read this story about a bizarre harassment campaign by a group of ex-eBay employees

    Back in June, authorities in Massachusetts announced they were charging six former eBay employees in connection with the strange harassment campaign of a couple who ran an e-commerce newsletter. The six had sent the couple, Ina and David Steiner, online threats and abuse, and mailed a bizarre collection of items including live insects and a bloody pig face mask, all for the newsletter’s negative coverage of eBay, according to the US Attorney’s Boston office.

    David Streitfeld of The New York Times spoke with one of the six people charged, Veronica Zea, who said she plans to plead guilty— the charges include conspiring to commit cyberstalking and tamper with witnesses. If you thought the initial story was weird, buckle up, because this report is full of batshit details.

    The Steiners received a book titled “Grief Diaries: Surviving the Loss of a Spouse” and a funeral wreath. They got fly larvae and

  • Japan is opening a 5-floor theme park for adults. Obviously, it’s rated 18+ and for pervs.

    Japan’s theme parks are no joke.

    Sure they may have the usual Disneyland and Universal Studios, but they also have onsen (hot spring bath) parks, ones dedicated to certain cartoon characters (like Thomas the Tank Engine), and was even supposed to open the doors to Super Nintendo World if it wasn’t for the current coronavirus pandemic.

    So it’s no surprise that a new theme park was recently announced to be in the works.

    What is surprising is the nature of this new theme park.

    From Japanese adult video maker Soft on Demand (SOD), comes a new business venture.

    Promoted as a “theme park for adults,” SOD Land will be opening its doors in October.

    The five-floor theme park will be located in Tokyo’s entertainment and red-light district Kabukicho and will allow visitors to dine and wine with actress who appear in SOD films.

    They made the announcement on

  • Movie, Know-how & The Human Existence

    Since 1987, Integrated DNA Applied sciences (IDT) has been a major power in advancing biotechnology research each as a leading supplier of custom strands of DNA (often known as oligonucleotides) and a developer of progressive new biotechnologies. With clever interfaces, human our bodies grow to be the devices for creating instructions, with users sporting units on their our bodies that consistently observe actions, voices, and gazes. For this reason, human-centered design skills will seemingly be more necessary than ever to IT organizations. For instance, people with medical backgrounds understand the best way our bodies perform and process stimuli. Linguists might supply insight into what constitutes an efficient voice conversation for humans, and what humans would reply to when it comes to a pc-generated response. Bodily therapists could carry specialized experience to the event and use of haptic applied sciences.

    The Amazon FreeTime app enables you to remodel an Amazon Fireplace …