• How To Filter Emails In Gmail

    We get a lot of emails on a daily basis, and sometimes important emails can get lost in the process due to there being too many emails and you could end up missing one or two. This can have negative consequences, like bills that you forget to pay because you missed the invoice, or a family member or a friend seeking an urgent reply, but their emails got lost in the pile.

    Thankfully, Gmail has the ability for users to filter their emails, which can be an incredibly powerful tool if you’re looking to take control of your emails and learn how to prioritize them, set their importance, and so on. If you’re unfamiliar with how to filter your Gmail emails, you’ve come to the right place so let’s get you sorted.

    How To Create Email Filters In Gmail

    In case you’re not sure what filters do, basically it filters

  • What Comes After the International Space Station?

    From the outside, the design of Axiom’s space station looks remarkably similar to the ISS. The cylindrical modules are about 15 meters in diameter and are connected to the station like giant Tinker Toys. The reason for this, says Suffredini, is to take advantage of the space industry’s familiarity with the ISS. One of Axiom’s main contractors to build its modules, the European aerospace company Thales Alenia Space, also built nearly half of the modules for the ISS. Axiom’s station is also constrained by the size of existing launch vehicles. As bigger rockets come along, such as SpaceX’s Starship, it could make larger space stations possible. For example, Suffredini says Axiom is exploring the idea of using inflatable modules in the future. These would be similar to NASA’s TransHab, an inflatable ISS module concept the agency developed in the 1990s before the project was canceled by Congress. Axiom’s

  • Zoom’s end-to-end encryption has arrived

    Zoom’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) has arrived, letting both free and paid users secure their meetings so that only participants, not Zoom or anyone else, can access their content. Zoom says E2EE is supported across its Mac, PC, iOS, and Android apps, as well as Zoom Rooms, but not its web client or third-party clients that use the Zoom SDK.

    E2EE has launched in technical preview, which means Zoom is asking for feedback on the feature for 30 days. However, the company says that E2EE will continue to be available after this period. Instructions on how to enable it can be found in Zoom’s help center.

    Zoom has previously offered encryption for its calls, but the data was only encrypted between each meeting participant and Zoom’s servers, rather than being end-to-end encrypted between participants. Once E2EE is enabled, you can check Zoom is using the more secure kind

  • Some Claim The iPhone 12’s Frame Is Too Sharp And Are Cutting People’s Hands

    When Apple announced the iPhone 12, they revealed that the phone comes with a brand new design. It features flat edges around the phone similar to the design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It’s a welcome change, but could it be detrimental to users? Maybe, maybe not, if the claims on the internet are to be believed.

    According to a report from MyDrivers as initially shared by GizChina, it seems that some people in China have taken to Weibo to share their negative experience with the new iPhone 12 where they are alleging that the edges of the phone are too sharp to the extent where it has actually cut into the flesh of some users while they are holding it.

    Some of these users are also claiming that due to the phone sporting flat edges, it actually makes it harder to hold compared to the previous

  • Gartner High 10 Strategic Expertise Tendencies For 2020

    Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary subject that makes use of a mix of biology and know-how to design and produce new molecules, plants, animals and microorganisms with improved characteristics. Data is power and this energy has been given to many individuals everywhere in the world as a consequence of what expertise has finished for the society in its totality. benefits of technology Access to data is entry to energy. In truth, success is straight proportional to info. The ability and significance of knowledge to the society can’t be overemphasized and one of the things that made that doable is the development or advancement in technology. Again, the power to have entry to info could be called information empowerment.

    But in an rising expertise development that would redraw—and even erase—boundaries between humans and computer systems, a brand new breed of intelligent interfaces is turning the farfetched into reality. These interfaces are actually …