• Zoom Rolls Out End-To-End Encryption For All Users

    One of the features lacking on Zoom’s end was end-to-end encryption, but the good news for Zoom users is that it looks like the feature is finally here, sort of. The company has announced that they will begin rolling out end-to-end encryption in the form of a preview that all users can participate in.

    This is done to solicit feedback on the feature before it is eventually released for good. According to Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan, “End-to-end encryption is another stride toward making Zoom the most secure communications platform in the world. This phase of our E2EE offering provides the same security as existing end-to-end-encrypted messaging platforms, but with the video quality and scale that has made Zoom the communications solution of choice for hundreds of millions of people and the world’s largest enterprises.”

    Zoom notes that they already offer encryption in the form of AES 256-bit GCM, but

  • What Should You Do About Holiday Gatherings and Covid-19?

    The strangest, most confusing, most taxing year we Americans have collectively trundled through is about to get even more complicated: We now all have to figure out what to do about the upcoming holidays. Should we gather indoors as usual, where we’ll most readily spread the virus? Gather outdoors in the cold, where we’re safer? Tell our families we won’t be seeing them this year except at a distance on FaceTime or Zoom?

    “There is no easy answer,” says Aderonke Pederson, a psychiatrist and behavioral scientist at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. “It’s a difficult situation to be in.”

    It’s especially difficult considering that the US is now seeing a third massive spike in cases, that traveling brings its own risks of transmission, and that Covid-19 is a far deadlier disease among the elderly, who are a part of many family gatherings. The safest thing you can do

  • HyperX’s Pulsefire Haste is a lightweight gaming mouse covered in holes

    HyperX has announced the $50 Pulsefire Haste wired gaming mouse. Its highlight feature is its 59-gram weight, which the company accomplished by drilling many hexagonal-shaped holes all around it — arguably, another feature worth mentioning. It’s the latest mouse to adopt the honeycomb design popularized by brands like Finalmouse, Glorious PC Gaming Race, and now many others. Eurogamer wrote in mid-2019 that this style would be the next big thing in PC gaming gear, and HyperX’s new mouse proves them right.

    HyperX’s new mouse is most similar to the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O-, both in terms of pricing (also $50), weight (the 58-gram Model O- is one gram lighter), and overall design. Both are false ambidextrous, with thumb buttons catered to right-handed people, but a symmetrical design that fits both left or right-handed people. I actually prefer the slightly taller and longer size of the Model O- over

  • Google’s new icon designs are consistent but the internet doesn’t think so

    Are you shocked seeing some nasty looking icons on your Android phone? Well, don’t be because Google recently changed the icon design of its apps.

    Every once in a while, the design language of software, apps, and icons change. There’s a whole philosophy why design language is important and to summarize it: It’s used to describe the overall design of a digital product.

    IMAGE: Android Police

    But sometimes, language gets lost in translation, and you’ll end up with a mishmash of color and design that might not relate to the average user.

    However, Google did give a reason why this change came about. It said, “Our new Google Workspace brand reflects this more connected, helpful, and flexible experience and our icons will reflect the same.”

    But the internet has different opinions about the new designs:

  • Know-how Collaboration

    Profession fields are always evolving, however no extra so than Biotech Careers. The genome enhancing of dwelling organisms, together with microorganisms, crops and animals, is exciting for a lot of potential applications. With these advances, we could improve bio-based chemicals manufacturing, enhance food manufacturing and preserve a better nutritional value, or we could manufacture organs for transplant. The creation of a real ‘Jurassic Park’ and the dystopian imaginative and prescient of giant dinosaurs running around consuming people willy nilly might or will not be doable In both case the usage of genetic science and technology to create novel organisms gives ample alternatives for humanity to destroy itself.

    What is machine? can technology save the environment A machine is outlined as any machine that enables work to be accomplished more easily and conveniently. There are works which take hours earlier than they are being accomplished by man that machines do routinely …